Body of Shahid Yakubu Faska Recovered in Abuja Print
Written by freezak   
Friday, 10 July 2020 15:23

The body of Shahid Yakubu Yahaya Faska was recovered at National Hospital Abuja on 8th of July 2020, one year after he was killed by the Nigerian securities forces on 22nd of july2019. He was killed along scores of others. 

At that time only six bodies were recovered and properly buried in Suleja graveyard. They are:
1— Shahid Harisu Ibrahim Magaji, Gabarin Darazo.
2— Shahid Hussaini Yahaya Barwa, Soba.
3— Shahid Ali Haidar Ibrahim Sulaiman, Rinji Toro Bauchi.
4— Shahid Dahiru (Dogo) T/wada, Kaduna.
5— Shahida Batula Muhammad Gana Dakwa, Suleja.
6— Shahid Abubakar Isma’il Babata, Yola.

60 protesters were arrested by the men of Police and put in Kuje and Suleja Prisons.
While some bodies of protesters were taken away by the police to unknown places including some injured protesters.
Later the Islamic Movement took the Nigerian Police to Court asking the Court to order the Police to hand over bodies known to have been whiskered away by the Police. After winning case in Abuja, the search for the body of Shahid Yakubu Faska intensified as his name was not among the lists with the Police. His body was later discovered at National Hospital Abuja.

body of shahid yahaya faska recovred in july 2020