Friday, November 24, 2017
Muslims in Nigeria mark Bahrain intl day in support of the people of Bahrain.

By Muhammad I. Ahmad
The 2nd annual Bahrain international day in solidarity with the plight of the Bahraini nation was held in Kano by large number of people organised by the Islamic 
 Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) 

on Friday the 21 of Feb 2014 at Fagge Jumma'at mosque. The speaker at the gathering Shaikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi, reiterated the stance of Islamic movement,  just like every Muslims,  of solidarity to the struggle of the defenseless people of  Baharain against the tyranny of Ben khalifa,  which despite lack of Media coverage, the whole world noted.

The defenseless people of  Bahrain have remained steadfast in the struggle for change despite  the regimes’ daily crackdown,  Sheikh Turi noted stressing that  the world should learn lessons from it.

Despite the atrocities of Ben khalifa and his allies and of course the support of world  arrogant powers , the people of Bahrain remained steadfast under the leadership of pious men exemplifying the steadfastness of  Imam Husain (AS) and his companions;  they have remained successful in continuing the struggle against injustice and oppression and they will surely be triumphant! Sheikh Turi explained.
The so called world campaigners of democracy have remained adamant to the plight of Bahrainians further illustrating and confirming their double standard and have always extended deaf ears on all atrocities of Ben Khalifah
Participants loudly chanted slogans denouncing oppression and oppressors and support for the Bahranain Nation.