Friday, September 24, 2021
2000 Days of Injustice and Incarceration PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Sunday, 06 June 2021 06:26

By Engr. Bala Abdullahi, PhD
Today, Thursday, 3rd June, 2021 marked the 2000th day of illegal detention of the leader of Islamic movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his Wife. The illegal detention followed a planned state terrorism meted on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers by Buhari - led government. The massacre left over thousand members of the movement (including female and children) either dead or missing.

After the massacre, some Nigerians decided to either be directly with the oppressors (Buhari led goverment) or remain silent. Since lots have been said on the Oppressors, this piece will review and concentrate on the situation of their supporters and those that kept mute on the atrocities. The piece will not make reference to any divine book, rather to the situation on ground.

1. In Nigeria , perhaps everywhere in the world, leaders are elected with anticipation of nation building and betterment of it's system. Nigerians elected Buhari not to kill their own relatives in Zaria, rather to revert the wrongs of his predecessors. Unfortunately his actions turned to be against their wills and anticipations of better Nigeria, but despite the situation why do you support him or kept mute on his injustice?

2. Oh Nigerians! How do you view the security situation of the country between the days under review? Everyone knows that no place is safe from banditry, so called Boko Haram, cattle rustlers, kidnapping, IPOB , etc.

3. Food security; what is happening to the prices of food items? Few Nigerians are able to feed their family three times a day, no to talk of their favourites. The prices of common food items have sky rocketed beyond the common man's reach.

4. Unemployment; after you jubilated the killing of good citizens of our dear country in Zaria in 2015, did Buhari provide employment to the teeming youths?

5. Oh Nigerians! Have you pondered on the dividends of democracy you reap under Buhari administration within these 2000 days in terms of increase in prices of utilities like electricity and petroleum products ?

6. Have you critically examined the rate of declination of the value of our currency against others within the last six years of this government ?

7. Oh Nigerians! Is it not time for us to think about the future of our country vis-a-vis the increase of our foreign and local debts.

8. How about the security of your business places and sustainability in many states, especially in Kaduna state, where the #ZariaMassacre took place?

9. Education, which is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world according to the saying of Nelson Mandela, is suffering under this administration within it's six years. How many of you are able to send your children to school at different levels withing the years under review? This is not unconnected to the economic hardship and frequent hike in the school fees by your favourite government. Frequent strike actions by all unions on our campuses are the orders of the day.

10. Oh Nigerians! Please ponder on the situation of our health services during this period where the present administration directed lots of our resources in serving their foreign masters' wills.

11. As a Nigerian that jubilated the Zaria pogrom, have you pondered on the happenings in the country within the six years? The situation has deteriorated to the extent that some people are describing the country as a "FAILED state" under the watch of the most applauded leader.

12. Have we thought of the long time disease - "corruption" which is on the increase by the day? Fighting this stigma is one of the promises of this government which followed the path of others unfulfilled declarations.

From the foregoing , it is clear that the attrocities of this government on Malam Zakzaky did not and will never benefit the country and it's citizenry. But rather it is for the benefit of their masters in US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, to pave way for their continued occupation of our land.