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On the Urgent Need to Release Shaikh El-Zakzaky for Medical Attention. PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 16:16

By Yusuf Abdullahi
In the name of Allah who states "Verily, We sent Our Messengers with manifest signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may act with justice ......" Q2:247

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His noble servant our master Muhammad (S) and his purified progeny.
Opening the chapter 6 of his book titled the faithful, Karl Maier, the American journalist and author of This house has fallen; Nigeria in crises, put a prominent quote from Shaikh Usman bn Fodio "a kingdom can endure with unbelief, but it cannot endure with injustice.
Unarguably, justice is the key to peace and stability of all nations. A popular adage says justice delay is justice denial and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The seven lettered word is the central philosophy behind the establishment of all authorities. To buttress the point, I cite the principle (chapter 1, article 1) evident in the creation of League of nations which transformed into United Nations; to maintain international peace and security, and to that end; to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace. The widespread bloodshed and infringement on people's honors globally were obviously borne of injustice which makes the world difficult to live.
Recently, the Islamic Movement commemorated 2nd anniversary of Zaria massacre where about a thousand disciples of Shaikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky were killed in cold blood including his three biological sons and prominent followers. The Shaikh and his wife who sustained several gunshot injuries were detained almost incommunicado by the DSS on the orders from above in what they described as protective custody. Since the unfortunate massacre by the Nigerian army on alleged road blockage, the world is fully aware of the Movement's demands: unconditional release of the Shaikh, his wife and other disciples in custody since the pogrom, handing over the bodies of those slaughtered and mass graved for proper Islamic burial, compensation for the destructions made and of course the need for bringing the mass murderers to book. To that effect, rallies and peaceful protests as allowed by the constitution of the land were organised but falling flat to the intended authorities. More important, was the justice Kolawale Abuja Court 6 verdict to release the ailing Shaikh and his wife unconditionally, provide a befitting house and security for them with a compensation of fifty million Naira. The court received no respect as the calls of local and international human rights groups and civil liberties organisations.
With severity of untreated health, his condition has seriously deteriorated for a couple of weeks and the need for his release for medical attention outside the country cannot be overemphasized. In the light of the interview with his younger brother aired by local and international media, Sayyid Badamasi Yaquob, expressed dismay on the deteriorating health of the Shaikh with relative malfunction evident in his movement and speech. He requested the government to allow the family to take the Shaikh to abroad for urgent medical attention, saying that even in the detention, he caters for his needs including fuelling the generator. Beside several correspondences to presidency by his lawyers, the family and associates within and outside the country have written to authorities in the last two years, but no response. To many concerned Nigerians, Shaikh el-Zakzaky's situation is the most sensitive issue to the country's security and socioeconomic well being that government should not take so light.
Given the situation, peaceful processions were staged across the nation on this ground. However, they are occasionally attacked by the security operatives. Beside those injured, two were killed in Kaduna, including a postgraduate student of Kaduna State University. As such processions wax in Abuja, the nation's capital, where the security use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the peaceful protesters resulting in many casualties and arrests. Among other questions Nigerians raise, on what ground was the Shaikh initially arrested? In whose interest is the detention of the elderly and ailing Shaikh and his wife? What is the government stand on the Federal High Court verdict? Why shouldn't government respond to need of millions of Nigerians on the need to take him abroad for medication? And to what extent should the detention continue? No doubt, in no way the indifference to the massacre and continuous persecution will help our country at all.
The citizens concerned with the unity and progress of this nation use their constitutional right to express their views, and to draw the attention of those in authority on the repercussion of this issue especially in acclaimed democratic setting mandated to respond to the needs and yearnings of the citizenry. In contrast to ideal situation where fundamental human rights are protected and human life dignified, in our country the situation is different. Notwithstanding the fact that the case is before the Federal High Court of justice at Kaduna and the International Criminal Court ICC, it is a duty to tell the bitter. The Shaikh is highly respected for his undisputed role in the unity and progress of the country. He is widely credited with the promotion of peaceful coexistence and ethno-religious tolerance. His teachings made tremendous impact in the Muslim / Christian relations not only in Zaria or Kaduna, but throughout Nigeria. In the 2011 post presidential violence, the medical wing of his movement provided first aid and medical care to innocent victims irrespective of geography, tribe and religion. His stand is worthy of emulation as no development is possible under a situation of general chaos and bloodshed.
In the 25th July, 2014 military attack on his movement where 34 people including his 3 undergraduate sons were brutally murdered, a Christian elder, Julius Anyawu was among the victims. The Shaikh sent a high powered delegation to attend his burial and sympathize with his family and community. And on his orders, the Movement took care of the Christian sister that sustained injuries until she recovered completely. Irrespective of ethno-religious differences, the world witnessed trooping of Nigerians and other nationals to the Shaikh's destroyed Gyallesu residence to commiserate with him over the sad event. The sympathetic remark and condolence of the insightful shaikh during the National disaster when tens of Nigerian soldiers lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident while returning from Niger republic is still enlightening! Nigeria with its diverse nature suffers unending ethno-religious crises triggered by unscrupulous elements to achieve economic and political ends, regardless of huge loss of lives and property. The crises owe their origins to socio-economic problems which steadily and violently explode.
Interestingly, the Movement was never found wanting in vandalism and bloodshed. Another good approach towards understanding and peaceful co-existence of Nigerians is the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Isah, peace be upon him, observed on 25th of Zulqaadah according to the narration of Ahlul-bait. In the event, annually organised by the Youth Forum of the Movement, his virtues are extolled for emulation and Christians are invited to share the Islamic view on the Messiah.
On many occasions prominent Nigerians have described the movement as the most organized Muslim group in the country. As Muslims most importantly, we believe that Allah has prohibited oppression and injustice and every one will account for his/her deed here and hereafter. No doubt, millions of the Shaikh's followers and other well meaning Nigerians deserve to be listened immediately! Free Zakzakyformedication NOW!
Wassalamu alaikum.