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Monday, 24 July 2017 09:48

By Dauda Nalado
The Education committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Lajnar Tarbiyya da ilmantarwa) has concluded the above named program at Kano. The event spanned 28-29 the Shawwal, 1438H(22-24 July 2017). 

Malam Ibrahim Aqeel from Zaria was the guest speaker to open up the program with the lecture titled Student of foreign universities: Values, responsibilities and expectations of the society.
In his speech hr encouraged students not to narrow their scope in the learning process. He elaborated that students should bear in their minds that they need to equip themselves so as to serve people and to achieve set goals. They need to be patient and accommodative. He stressed that they should not detach themselves from the activities of the Movement.
Other discussants on the same theme were Sheikh Hamza Imam Musa and Professor Isa Mshelgaru.
In his educative but brief remark, he analyzed the trends in the nature of students who studied theology in Iran before and after 2007. Sheikh Musa encouraged students to inculcate the desirable ethics(akhlaq),that would help them in providing them with the necessary shield against any obstacle on their path of transforming the society.
The third discussant, an erudite scholar from Ahmadu Bello university. Prof Mshelgaru gave the topic an in-depth academic approach. He tried to define values in general and Islamic values in particular. He said that Islamic values are universal. Prof pointed out that after knowing these values we redefine our responsibilities. The university don then elaborated on what is expected from students who studied abroad. He encouraged them to define specific role where they would give their optimal contribution to the Movement. 

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