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Re-Ban El Zakzaky Sect-Zaria Residents beg FG

Re-We complied with rules of engagement in Zaria stand-off -GOC

PRESS RELEASE FROM IHRC LONDON: Nigeria: Army looking to frame Islamic Movement

The Federal Question And The Army’s Massacre of Shiites in Zaria, By Adeolu Ademoyo

That El-Rufai’s phony broadcast

Press Conference On Quds Day Massacre 2014 by Sheikh Zakzaky on July 26, 2014. Those in atendance were FRCN, Blue Print, Aminiya, Leadership, Queen FM, Nagarta Radio, Reuters, and Almizan.

List of Quds Martyrs

Pictures of Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja

 Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja on Wednesday the 26th of July 2017

Remembrance of 2014 Quds Day Martyrs in Zaria amidst Security operatives

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria marked martyrs of Quds 2014 who were killed on 25th of July 2014 by Nigerian Soldiers in Zaria. The remembrance day was marked at Darur Rahma cemetry amidst presence of security operatives deployed to disrupt it in vain. The occasion was attended by large number of people from far and near. 

DEPLOYMENT OF COMBINED SECURITY FORCES IN KATSINA: We Are Not in Trust With The Motives-Says Sheikh Ya'qoub Yahaya Katsina

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Shortly after the rounding up of weekly supplications session in Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria lead by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Thursday, 24/7/2017, the Ameer of the zone, Sheikh Ya'qoub Yahaya Katsina speaks on the security tension as a result of mass deployment of combined security forces in and outskirt of Katsina, since Sunday, 23/7/2017.

Quranic Graduation 2017: 242 memorised Qur'an in Kano

By Muhammad Isa AHmad.
A grand graduation ceremony of students who memorised hoy Quran took place in Kano. 235 students among them males and females and  below the age of 20, memorized the holy Qur’an. The 6th and 7th graduation ceremony of Tahfizul Qur’an Fudiyyah Nursery and Primary school, Kano was held on Saturday, 28th Shawwal, 1438 (22/7/2017) at Dan-dinshe neighborhood, in Kano city with Shaikh Ya’aqub Yahaya Katsina as the special guest of honor and many important dignitaries in attendance.

ECIMN Organizes Capacity Utilization Seminar for Students of Foreign Universities

By N. M. Mafara
Education Committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (ECIMN) has organized capacity utilization seminar for students of foreign universities. The seminar entitled Capacity Utilization: Interactive Session with Students of Foreign Universities was conducted on Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 July, 2017 at Al-Markazul Islamiy, Kano, Nigeria.

Capacity utilisation and interactive session with IMN members studying abroad

By Dauda Nalado
The Education committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Lajnar Tarbiyya da ilmantarwa) has concluded the above named program at Kano. The event spanned 28-29 the Shawwal, 1438H(22-24 July 2017). 

Education Committee Conference Wraps up in Kano

By K. Isah
Conference organized by the Education Committee of the Islamic Movement took place at Husaniyyah Kano from Saturday the 22nd to Sunday the 23rd of July 2017. The theme of two day is: Globalization; Interactive sessions with students of foreign universities.

PRESS STATEMENT: We vehemently reject Federal government's move to confiscate our Islamic Centre in Zaria

Yesterday 20/07/17, soldiers of the Nigerian Army were spotted giving cover to labourers hired by the government to fence the plot where our Hussainiyyah (Islamic center) stood before its destruction by the Military during its genocidal onslaught in December 2015.

PRESS STATEMENT: New Plot to Assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky and Attack IMN Members Uncovered

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria will like to draw the attention of the general public to a mischievous plot hatched by the enemies of peace in Nigeria. This latest plot, as disclosed to us by a reliable source, is a fresh attempt to kill our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who is currently in illegal detention in clear contempt of court judgment, and a simultaneous attack on members of IMN in several cities of Northern Nigeria.

Army Witnesses Contradict Selves in Court

By Abdulmumin Giwa 
Two soldiers, Brig, Gen. AK Ibrahim and Lt. Col. Ali appearing as witnesses before Justice David Nyoms of the Kaduna High Court have contradicted themselves before the court as earlier statements they made before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) set up by the Kaduna State government and another commission set up by the Nigerian Army to investigate the Zaria pogrom differ. 

Workshops by Media Forum wrapped up in Minna

The hands-on workshop on Social Media organised by the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria last weekend in Minna, the Niger state capital, was concluded this afternoon with a closing speech by Sheikh Abdulhameed Bello.

Workshop on use of Social Media kicks up in Minna

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has began a training session on how to use blog and other soical media. The two day workshop is attended by over seventy participants in the training which took place in Minna 

IMN Members pays condolence visit to the family of late Dr.Yusuf Bello Maitama (Dan masanin kano).

By K.M. Inuwa
The IMN members were led by Sheikh Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir koki, the representative of IMN members in kano and were received by sons of the late Dr.Yusuf Bello Maitama (Dan'masanin Kano) on Friday 7/07/17.

Free Zakzaky protest in Kano against Court action

By Muhammad I. Ahmad
A peaceful protest was staged in Kano on
 Friday,  July 7th, 2017 demanding justice by freeing Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) who has been held since Zaria December 12-14th, 2015 massacre, when the Nigerian Army killed three of his children, his relations and about 1000 of his followers.

Free Zakzaky in Kaduna after Court Dismissed Case

On Thursday the 6th of July 2017, after the Court in Kaduna dismissed a case filed by Sheikh Zakzaky's Counsel Festus Okoye for miscourage of Justice, a peaceful free Zakzaky protest was staged  by youths calling for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky from illegal detension.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,
Good day.
Today, Thursday 06/07/17 The Federal High Court delivered its judgement in the cases instituted by our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenat Ibraheem, against the federal government of Nigeria and its security agencies notably the Nigerian Army, Chief of Army Staff, and the Kaduna state government seeking to enforce their fundamental Human Rights to life, peaceful assembly and to own property. Unfortunately, the court shirked in its duties to be on the side of victims of extreme persecution by the government. When it mattered most, the court ducked and failed to stand for truth and justice against tyranny and impunity.

Free Zakzaky Protest Hits Abuja Again

A peaceful free Zakzaky Protest was staged in Abuja today the Wednesday the 5th of July 2017. The Protest was staged successfuly thought policemen attack it with teargas.

Sheikh Qaribullah Calls Unity Among Muslim Ummah

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad
Khalifa Shaikh Karibullahi Shaikh Nasir Kabara reiterated the call for increased unity amongst the global Muslim to forestall the great challenge of the world oppressors and tyrants that have made man Muslim countries fearful and disgusting place to live. 

Zakzaky vs Army, others: A Court in Kaduna Fixes July 6 for Judgement

During a sit in Kaduna on Friday the 30th of June, 2017, A Federal High Court in Kaduna fixed the 6th of July 2017 for delivering a Judgement of a suit filed by Sheikh Zakzaky's Counsel against Nigerian Army, the Attorney Generla of the Federation and Kaduna state government for killings of Sheikh Zakzaky's 3 sons, his followers and destruction of properties.

Re:Nigerian govt re-arraigns El- Zakzaky’s chief security officer, two others

By Haroun Elbinawi
My attention was drawn to the above News report that appeared in the Premium Times News website and I saw lots of mischievous and malicious insinuations by the Buhari-led government. I took a decision to write a rejoinder to debunk the lies and straighten record.


By Nasir Hashim
Throughout the process of writing the article entitled : “Sheikh HamzaLawal:The controversial linguist of all times ”,I had it lingered in my mind that I was writing to a man whose approach in the field of academia was not less than a portrayal of practical epistemology.Again, I duly considered what I perceived as your psychology towards humanity and knowledge. 

Remembrance of Imam Mahdi[ajf] was the solace for the heart of Fatima Zahra[sa]....

In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Hujjat[ajf.]
Ali Ibn Bilal has narrated from his father: “I was in the presence of the Messenger of Allah [sawa] during the last moments of his life. Janabe Fatema Zahra[sa] was at his side. She Fatima[sa] was crying incessantly. 

PRESS STATEMENT: Desperate moves by DSS to link IMN to violence

Last Friday, the Department of State Services (DSS), on Friday issued a statement that they uncovered plans by Boko Haram to attack Abuja and some northern cities like Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Maiduguri by infiltrating what they termed the ranks of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). According to this malicious report, terrorists would join IMN members in their procession and unleash mayhem in the cities.

Operation is successful for Husain Mustafa

Husaini Mustafa, 10, a boy shot with life bullet by Nigerain Secuirty Operatives under the order of Gov Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna state while conducting Quds Procession on Friday has undergone a successful operation. 

Army, Police attack pro-Palestinian protest in Kaduna injuring scores

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In a joint operation by the Nigerian Army and the Police in Kaduna several people were injured when they attacked a peaceful annual pro-Palestinian protest march organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) including children and women.

Pictures of 2017 Quds Day procession in Yola, Katsina and Kogi

International Quds Day procession in Yola, Katsina and Kogi on Friday the 23rd of June 2017

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No Human Power Can Suppress the Will of the People. Oppressors shall get nothing but disappoitmnet, disgrace and shame. On Allah we Depend for Protection.


IMN Drags Army/ FG to ICC click here to download the 83-page  document

Press Conference on the Stand of the Islamic Movement on ElRufa'i So called Commission of Inquiry and the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and Followers

Professor Dahiru Yahya Writes to Justice Mohammed Lawal Garba Judicial Commission of Inquiry

“Our weapon is positive reasoning, truth and good conduct. Guns are for the reckless and foolhardy. We have been conducting our affairs peacefully, calling people to the truth for the last 36 years. So you cannot come overnight and attribute violence to us, that we now resort to killing people. This is impossible. We save lives, not kill them." -Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (h).




Attack on Husainiyyah

Nigerian Military First Attack Triggered Road Blockade 



Sheikh Zakzaky Interview with AlManar TV

On 25 July 2014 Nigerian soldiers attacked the annual al-Quds Day procession in support of Palestine in Zaria, a city in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. The following day, soldiers drove to the Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah and opened fire on supporters of the Islamic Movement within the precinct of the main building.
IHRC remembers the tragic event with the release of the new documentary: 'The Zaria Massacres'
Last year a fact-finding mission was sent by IHRC and led by chair Massoud Shadjareh. Complete with interviews, expert testimony and more; we attempt to unearth the reasons behind the horrific killings.




 Quds Day Killing by Nigerian Soldiers making headlines around the world

Placards displayed at Nigerian High Commission London on 28 July against Quds Day killings by Military.




Zaria Massacre

"During my brief encounters with Sheik Zakzaky at various times, I must confessed that, I'm yet to see any Nigerian that can claim to being more patriotic than him. He is a man of outstanding knowledge, sublime patient and excellent in sound mind and thought. Many see him from the point of religious leader and engage him in unwarranted and myopic rivalries out of jealousy. However, in him is much more than being a religious leader .He is a great organiser of people, who earned people's respect and adoration. His types can effectively lead a Nation. He is indeed a factor of national unity in Nigeria. I will never stop calling for His unconditional release. He should also be allowed to have access to best medical attention immediately. Someone certainly is deliberately mis-informing The President and Presidency on the truth about this National Asset called Sheikh Zakzaky."
Hon Ebenezer M Oyetakin

 “As far as I am concerned, the Zaria killing is a National disaster. I expected the President to have declared a national mourning, especially because of the number of people that lost their lives.“There is no way the President would not be held responsible because the buck stops at his table,” Bishop Kukah.

Interview with eyewitness on Army attack

Nigeria Report: Zaria Quds Day Massacres And The Role of the Military-download

Short Documentary on Sheikh Zakzaky

.....On Youtube

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