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Significance of Maulid Nabiyy Ceberation by Dr. Abba

During  the Night session, Dr Abba Sayyid AbulFatahi and Dr Mu’azu, both from University of Maiduguri deliberated on the blessed dividends of making alive Maulud Nabiy. Sayyid Mustapha Lawal introduced the speakers. Dr Abba used Arabic as medium for communication. He showed that Maulid is one of the greatest blessings and it is incumbent upon us to express our joy and happiness to such.  He also explained that  the holy Prophet duly celebrated his birthday by fasting on Mondays as reported by Abu Qatada. The Punishment on Abu Lahab is lowered on Mondays as he expressed Joy over the birth of the Prophet; he even freed lady Suwaiba on the account of the Prophet’s birth, the speaker noted.

Dr. Abba Sayyid Abul-fathi

Dr. Abba further expressed that love of the Prophet includes following his teachings in all manners, celebrating his birthday with view of  knowing his characters adding that having a proper love of the Prophet can lead one to seeing him in the dream.

Dr Abba further said Maulid celebration was approved by many respected Scholars and righteous men.

Speaking on the Ahlul bayt Dr. Sayyid pointed that the love of Ahul Bayt (AS) is necessary  just like the love of the  Prophet as Allah elevated them with exclusive knowledge and Love as He made them the Gates to reach Him and also representatives to guide humanity. He noted speaking on the love of the Prophet , Ahlul Bayt(AS), and Maulid celebrations is an area which can cover volumes of books without been exhausted.

He concluded by the expressing thanks to Sheikh Zakzaky  for organising the gathering to bring about unity of the Ummah and for becoming a light  through which Ahlul Bayt(AS) are known in this part of the world.

 Second lecture

Dr Muazu, on the other hand encouraged Muslims to practice the Islamic teachings instead of resorting to theoretical discourse.  Dr. Mu’azu spoke further on significance of Maulid celebration which  he said it has many favors which are not known by all except some with high degree of intellect.

Dr. Muázu receiving gift from Sheikh Zakzaky after the Lecture

He added the the prophet came to establish and fulfill  moral characters for mankind, and for this Almighty Allah extol him  in the holy Quran‘you are indeed on high moral standard’.

The Prophet was named the trustworthy by his people to show that God had given him special protection and training since childhood in order to fulfill such moral characters for mankind, the speaker noted.

He further expressed that maulid celebration is School where Muslims learn from the behavior and manners of  the Best of Creatures. He however lamented that Muslims nowadays are lagging behind when it comes to imitating the Prophet due to laziness. He called on Muslims to revive the teachings of the Prophet in all their endeavors.

Sayyid Zakzaky (H) said that Maulid, apart from reviving weak minds, help to keep Muslims together irrespective of tribal and other sectarian differences. He reiterated that Maulud Nabiy is the rallying point for the actualization of Islamic revolution in Nigeria. He noted that the effort against Muslim unity is largely hatched by a known antagonist association that was established to work for enemies of Islam. He gave the glad tidings that such anti unity efforts would not only fail but eventually collapse. Muslim unity would certainly be actualized, God willing. The society would revert to live under the Authority of La ilaha illallahu Muhammadurrasulullah.

Gifts were presented to the guest speakers and Sheikh Dawuod Anyaguche, a renowned scholar from the Igbo land, closed the session
with prayers.


Dauda Nalado reports

Sheikh Dawud Onyagwuche giving closing prayer.