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Bomb blasts ridiculing Islam -S. Zakzaky (H)

By Abdul Mumin Giwa


Commenting publicly for the first time on the issue of the recent bomb blasts in Nigeria, the revered

leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), in a brief speech he delivered at the closing of this year’s Tafseer at the Baqiyqtullah Hussainiyya in Zaria, has condemned the bomb blasts in the country as acts of ridiculing Islam perpetrated by America and her cohorts.

The revered leader of the Islamic Movement described the said Boko Haram as a hoax initiated to deceive people into believing that an extremist Islamic organization exists and that it is going about killing and bombarding places with the intention of establishing an Islamic government. “This is an act of subjecting Islam to ridicule”, the revered leader said.


Sheikh Zakzaky (H) expressed surprise over the silence of the Muslim leaders in the country who he said are keeping silent in order to protect their worldly positions. He said that they have all kept mute on the atrocities being perpetrated in the name of Boko Haram in order to protect their offices. The revered leader counseled that they have everything to lose should the perpetrators succeed in their devilish plans because they are going to lose the positions they are protecting. “Whichever position you might be holding and protecting, be it traditional, political or ministerial, is going to be lost with the success of their intentions.” The revered leader said.


Their intention is to make another Somalia in Nigeria such that it will become ungovernable as Somalia has been for the past 17 years. He explained that Somalia has deliberately been  plunged into tribal wars and now overtaken by draught. He said, “They deliberately destabilized Somalia in order to benefit from its verse aquatic resources mostly fishes.” The revered leader warned that there are even more resources in Nigeria that they want to exploit that include arable lands, oil as well as the acquatic resources for which they destroyed Somalia.


Sheikh Zakzaky (H) also said that they have chosen to subject Islam to ridicule by using it to execute their ferocious plans. They have deliberately concocted an anonymous organization that is not only unknown to everybody, but also has no identity, location, print or broadcast medium and are claiming that the group wants to establish an Islamic government. The revered leader wondered how someone none existent could be calling towards Islam without any address, name or center. “Where is he, who is he, where are his parents and where do they live? They are all inexistent” he said. He mentioned that it is America that is perpetrating the crimes in the name of providing security in Nigeria for which billions of dollars are spent. He added that it is only America that can bomb the UN headquarters in Nigeria so as to use it as a proof for the need of the security they are providing.


The leader of the Islamic Movement said that the so-called Muslim leaders have all kept mute to all the atrocities for fear of loosing their positions. He referred them to Somalia saying that there is no formal government existing and there are no positions being occupied there at present. Everyone there is struggling to survive from malnutrition, hunger and war. “This is what will happen to Nigeria as you keep mute protecting your positions. You will loose all the positions. It is not right to keep mute in this situation.” He warned that they want to destabilise the country in order to get their hands on the abundant resources free.


Sayyed Zakzaky (H) said that the most annoying thing is that they have chosen to ridicule Islam in the process of achieving their vicious goals. They have declared everything about the Nigerian Muslims as Boko Haram. Though they have not mentioned the Jama’atu Nasril Islam, the Izala group, the Tariqa, the Shi’ah and others directly but they have mentioned all their activities as Boko Haram. They have mentioned the Hussainiyya and the Fudiyya Islamic Center all as Boko Haram in their security reports. What is more surprising is that a dialogue initiated between Muslims and Christians in Jos recently was declared in their report as Boko Haram. They even declared the JNI press conference in which the JNI called for understanding, peace and harmony among Christians and Muslims in Nigeria as Boko Haram, claiming that the call was intended towards deceiving the Christians in order to clampdown on them afterwards. “If one reads through the pages of their security report he would find out that Islam is what they are referring to as Boko Haram in Nigeria” he said. He said that they even mentioned the Muslim Hijab as Boko Haram.


The leader of the Islamic Movement said that there is no reason for the Soldiers not to attack and kill Muslims with the way the report issued them describes Boko Haram in which name they attack and bomb places. He referred to the recent occurrences and how Muslims have been butchered by the police and soldiers in the name of fighting Boko Haram. He added that this is not only ridiculing Islam but also subjecting Muslims to defeat and disgrace.


He reminded the so-called traditional leaders who see themselves as belonging to the genealogy of Sheikh Ibn Fodio that the Sheikh is known for his steadfastness in Islam and not the quest for worldly positions and possessions. He is respected for religion, knowledge and uprightness. He warned that if the so-called leaders continue to watch while Islam is being ridiculed and they remain there protecting their personal whims and positions and addressed as the ‘grandsons of the revivalist’, they will lose those positions they are protecting.

While passing a comment on this year’s Tafseer, the revered leader said that though this year is a bit different from the past some of the clerics are still ridden by the instituted confusions for which they have always been warned in the past. He called on Muslims to beware and not to be deceived or carried away by the machinations of the enemies. He prayed for the establishment of Islam.