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Qur'an is the foundation of Knowledge. Highlight of Sheikh Zakaky's speech at Qur'anic graduation ceremony.


The Guest Speaker Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky started by congratulating the gathering on the occasion of Eid-il- Fitr which he described the month of Ramadan as a School of Taqwa. He said that after the lapse of the fasting period  a Muslim Is expected to attain to the state of God’s Consciousness so that he becomes Muttaqi. Taqwah prevents person from committing sins wherever he finds himself-office, business etc.

On the graduation of the Pupils the Leader of the Islamic Movement explained that the Kano Fudiyyah School is a testing ground and its success shows that others have sample to copy. He added that Qur’an is the source of knowledge and civilisation. The West got the knowledge and civilisation from the holy Quran before which it was in Dark Ages. This is evidently observed by the fact that the the world first and oldest university is in Muslim country, infact,  first 7 universities in the world are in Muslim countries, Sheikh noted. Though West don’t  acknowledge this, they however,  admitted that the origin of knowledge and civilisation is Arab, while in reality the Arabs were barbaric before the Prophet(SAWA) and revelation, explained  Sheikh Zakzaky.

Sheikh Zakzaky delivering his speech

The Leader  argued that If one questioned the backwardness of the Ummah despite having Qur’an as the source of Knowledge,  it will be said to him that it is due to negligence of the Ummah with regard to the Quran; when the Ummah reverts to the teaching of the Qur’an it will surely lead.

He further explained that In universities there are various branches of knowledge that are being studied which  originated from Arabic, for example the word ‘history’ which becomes  a subject in learning centers was originally Arabic. Its root is Asatir, Ustur, satara which means documentations or writings. The Leader pointed that  verses of Qur’an speak of creations and natures and encourage research in the creations of God. In fact knowledge should be searched  in the name of Allah.

Sheikh Zakzaky, therefore called on the students to be of sound character as Qur'an described those charged with Torah and failed to carry it as an Ass carrying books. He told  the students that they are now leaders for memorizing Qurán at childhood and that Kano Fudiiyah should serve as a model for others. He cautioned that the aim of knowledge is to have highest responsible human (insanil kamil)-a person who knows his mission on Earth, he noted, adding that Knowledge is not meant for worldly gain as man is composed of body and soul. His soul will reflect hid deed on Day of Resurrection, he expressed.

He concluded by congratulating the students for the success achieve and call on others  areas to follow suit.