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Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's speech to hundreds of thousands who gathered at Eid ground for Maulid Nabiy Celebration. The speech covers the significance of Maulid as symbol of Unity of the Ummah, the situation in Nigeria  and the recent happenings in Middle East.



The annual Unity week organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria from 12-17 Rabiul Awwal (15-20 February, 2010) enters its last day with an unprecedented procession conducted through the main streets in Zaria and terminated at the Eid ground. The leader of the Movement his eminence Sayyid Zakzaky (H) made the closing speech.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement started by congratulating the Ummah on the birthday anniversary of the Best of Creatures who is sent as mercy to all creatures; the one who came with Sharia that contains everything man needs for his felicity here and hereafter.

Sayyid (H) in his speech  urged the Muslims to emulate the Prophet in all their dealings. He said that the Quraish persecuted the Prophet, but he did not curse
them; he hoped that they would be guided. They even sent him away from his beloved birth place and did not stop there. They pursued and waged wars against him. Yet he did not retaliate after his triumph. Rather he freed them. There is a notorious Association, with puritan claim that they are the only adherents of orthodox Sunnah. They shower all sorts of abominable words (innovators, mushriks etc) to their Muslim brothers. This clearly contradicts the Sunnah of the Prophet, the Leader of the Islamic Movement explained.
Sectarian squabble is never a solution to our plight. and if some people deviates, the only way out for reform is by Prophet's way or method; anybody who uses division is working for the enemies of Islam.  “Salafi “or any association (as they call themselves) are the creations of our enemies so that they ruin us from within.

Sayyid (H) noted that Maulud Nabiy is the focus of our unity. Opinions may differ. Our efforts on unity do not mean that anybody should relinquish his opinion or school of thought. It calls for proximity such that we can define a common goal and work together to succeed. Allah (SWT) has promised that Islam shall supersede any other religions and this unprecedented mammoth gathering  is one of the ways. It is also a commensurate answer to Maulud skeptics.

On the current situation in Nigeria, the revered Leader observed that we have been and are still being cheated for long. The ethically bankrupt European colonizers, after insidious espionage, employed superior technology of destruction to conquer our morally upright ancestors. We have been taking the white man’s burden for 100 years now. Of course there is a limit. The current uprising in the Arab World, to the surprise of the European overlords, is a clear lesson to ponder upon.

Sayyid (H) traced how the errand boys of world arrogance keep on their strategy of divide and rule to subjugate us. He cited the case of the “jihad through voting” concept in the 70’s, which is now being re-echoed.  Each of the presidential/vice presidential party flag bearer in the current dispensation is Muslim-Christian “hybrid” or vice versa. Then where is the Islamic Jihad, questioned Sayyid (H).
People may use their discretion to vote or not to. However they should understand that voting in the Nigerian context is not a religious duty. They should not allow themselves to be drafted into Muslim Christian fight for it will only strengthen their divide and rule. Sheikh further further noted that we shall never allow ourselves into tribal or religious crises; people should not allow the corrupt leaders to cause Muslim-Christians crises in Nigeria. they are the real enemies of Nigerian people, they want us to fight ourselves so that they will continue to take away our wealth and resources.

What is happening the Middle East will happen in Nigeria too. Unfortunately here in Nigeria both leaders and the lead wrongly think that wealth and resources belong to the leaders. Leaders are supposed to be the custodians of people and resources, but they are not. However, there is a limit to everything. They use their security men to kill and even “massacre” adherents of the growing Islamic Movement, they would certainly meet their predicament similar to their counterpart Arab Pharaohs; and they will be judged as history will tell.
He concluded by hoping that the desired unity would be achieved. This would help in changing our state of humiliation and slavery to that of dignity and freedom under La Ilaha illa llah Muhammadur Rasuli llah.


Dauda Nalado