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Mal. Adamu Tsoho speaks on importance of good character.

Good ethics are pre-requisites in the struggle, this was stressed by Mal. Adamu Tsoho Jos in the lecture he presented at the afternoon session during the 6th annual conference organised by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He spoke at length on the importance of good ethics in the Islamic Struggle.

He noted that good ethics, when practised continously, becomes part of an individual. Thus, it forms part of his behaviour. Behaviour,  once formed, does not changed. Mall. Tsoho quoted some relevant verses of the holy Qur’an and some authentic tradtions of the holy Prophet (SAWA). He also qouted from the sayings of the A’immah(SA). All these were directed at empowering the audience to appreciate and hence to adopt the practise of self purification.

Mall. Adamu encourages members to sustain acts of good ethics, no matter small. It is not the volume of work that matters: what is of utmost importance is the continuity of the practice. He called the attention of the audience to the fact that man can surpass the angels when he overcomes  his whims and caprices. On the other hand, he can become lower than animals when he succumbs to his desires.

The speaker noted that the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sayyid Zakzaky(H) has been emphasising on the need for good ethics by members  of the Islamic Movement, exclusively, and the Muslims in general. He said that the Nigerian nation is in disarray. People now begin to realise that the Movement is the only hope.

Mal. Adam gave an example of a role model in Salman Farisi, who used to perform some vital practices in his life. These are:

1.     Fasting 3 days in every month, which is equivalent to the fasting of the whole year;

2.     Recitation of Surah Ikhlas 3 times every day, which is equivalent to reciting the whole Qur’an, and

3.     Performing ablution at bed time, which is equivalent tp praying throughout the night.

In conclusion,he urged the delegates to emulate Sayyid Zakzaky (H) for he is an excellent model among us in all his behaviours. He said that Sayyid (H) has fulfilled his duty. There is need to fulfill our own part.

Dauda Nalado reports