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Our attention has been brought to a publication by one National Life news paper of Wednesday, May 4, 2011 with the above caption as their lead story. The paper claimed that their reporter Aliyu Askira in Kaduna conducted an interview by a ‘lieutenant’ who has been mandated by Sheik Zakzaky to grant the interview. It is astonishing how one can sit and fabricate blunt lies and scuttle to the press in the name of journalism.

A glimpse through the write up may tempt one to dispense with it as part of the normal garbage articles that find their ways in to Nigerian print media. However, considering the venerated personality of Sheikh Zakzaky involved and the carelessly miss constructed mendacity; one is forced to respond at least to set the records straight.

At no time had Aliyu Askira come to the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky to seek audience with the Sheikh talk less of an anonymous ‘lieutenant’ be mandated to speak with him.

On the issues raised in the so called interview, an averagely informed Nigerian knows the stance of the Sheikh on many of the issues raised. Repeatedly the Sheikh has voiced out his understanding of the 2001 September, 11 incidence. So one wonders what the National Life is up to on trying fish out comments from Sheikh Zakzaky on the death of Bin Laden. Are they trying to connect the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the proficient leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky with the so called international terrorist organizations? The principles and objectives of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria are clearly spelt out. It is the system and model of the prophets and chosen servants of Allah like Sheikh Usman Bin Fodio and Imam Khomeini that Sheikh Zakzaky is treading and will (God willing) reach the same goal.

On another lane, one may wonder whether the National Life is looking for cheap popularity to sell their unpopular paper, or are they out to create mischief. Perhaps they might have been hired by the so called security apparatus to tarnish the glorified image of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Another facet of the write up that leaves one wondering whether the reporter or the editor of the National life have received enough instruction in English to venture in to the world of journalism is the defectively constructed questions and purported answers claimed to have been given by the ‘lieutenant’ that spoke on behalf of Sheikh. Take for example where the ‘lieutenant’ in responding to the question on voter’s card registration said “I don’t know and I will not tell you whether I have voter’s card or not”. This is one of the many grammatically mutilated and senseless statements credited to Sheikh’s ‘representative’.

As for the question of Sheikh’s follower destroying their certificates, this is part of 20th century allegations which events of the day have since given answer to.

To the National Life, we demand an immediate apology for the engineered lies against the personality of Sheikh Zakzaky. You may recall that sometimes around late 1990, the then National Concord fabricated a similar framed up interview with Sheikh Zakzaky, and nemesis has since caught up with them.

To the Nigerian Union of Journalist, we demand that the National Life should be punished appropriately for violating the respected ethics of journalism.


Dr. Abdullahi Danladi,

Resource Forum,

Islamic Movement in Nigeria.