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Recent happenings in Middle East especially Gaza has drawn the attention of even the most ignorant mind to the doom of the Palestinians under siege by the illegal state of Israel. For a long period of time, the Palestinians have been suffering a variety of atrocities at the hand of the fiendish Israelis that have usurped their land with the direct support of hypocritical America, Britain and other comatose Western nations. The war crimes committed on the poor people of Palestine in the last barbaric attack on Gaza and West Bank is still fresh in the minds of the world. The blockade on Gaza was meant to be broken by the brave people of Turkey and other nations that organized the Freedom Flotilla to deliver the much desired aid. However, in their usual nefarious manner the Israelis attacked and killed10 of the over 500 armless activists. This unpopular act has lead to world wide condemnation of the illegal state of Israel, perhaps minus the misdemeanor partner America.

So far a number of reasons have been shamefully offered by the illegal Israeli government to rationalize their barbaric actions. One of them was that the ships were carrying arms from Iran which Israel could not allow. Another reason was that the ships were carrying terrorists. All these jargons can be seen as attempt to cover the track of their shameful deeds.

As if all these cover ups by their masters back in the illegal state of Israel are not enough, the Israeli embassy in Nigeria has the guts to illegitimately defend their regrettable crimes. According to Leadership news paper of Monday, 07 June 2010, a statement issued by the embassy claims that  “the activists on board the flotilla attacked Israeli naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry, including guns, knives and clubs, wounding numerous soldiers as a result of the ambush”. Such honest lies can be understood by any sane living person as some media have shown the incidence of the attack and interviews by some of the activists involved.

 The Israeli ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Moshe Ram had on Sunday 23rd May, 2010 in a speech at the 2nd Annual Christian United for Israel occasion in Zaria attempted to launder the battered image of the illegal state of Israel by calling for support from Nigerian Christians for the illegal state of Israel. It is surprising for the ambassador to expect any right thinking person with conscious to identify with the evil regime and acts of official terrorist state of Israel. Even America, the long time friend of Israel is getting fed up with the parasitic nature of the Zionist. Mr. Ram went ahead to assert that “the greatest threat to our lives is the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons”. Is Mr. Ram telling us that the nuclear weapons in the hands of the warmonger Israelis meant to give peace to the world? If Israel, America, Britain and others can posses nuclear weapons what stops Iran from possessing same? One may even ask why Israel and her masters are wary that Iran should have nuclear capability. Surely the nuclear capability of Iran is posing a serious obstacle to the illegal state of Israel from its long awaited dream of greater Israel.  Past and recent happenings in the world in general and Middle East in particular clearly show who the terrorist is.

The endorsed terror being unleashed on the poor people of Palestine have successfully drawn the attention of the international community to the flight of the Palestinians. It is such concerns that have generated the freedom flotilla and more of their type to follow. To such brave people with human conscious, we say bravo, may the Almighty Allah bless you with more courage and determination to stand up against the injustice and tyranny of the illegal state of Israel. To the criminal Israel government, know that history and humanity will never forgive you of the atrocities you are committing, more so even your American support might be coming to an end as you have been described as a liability by America itself. And as usual with tyranny it has an end and your end is around the corner.  To the poor oppressed people of Palestine, the Islam Movement in Nigeria shares your ordeal and fully identify with your struggle to liberate your beloved nation from the clutches of the Zionists.


Dr. Abdullahi Danladi

Resource Forum,

Islamic Movement in Nigeria.