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  2-day International Conference on Islamic Awakening begins in Iran, on Saturday.

The International Conference on the Islamic Awakening begins in Tehran, Iran on Saturday the 17th of September 2011. the programme was declared open by the Iranian Foreign Minister who delivered a key not address, followed by an address  of World Leader of Islam Sayyid Ali Khamenei who said that Islamic awakening brought us together today to focus on current popular uprisings in North Africa and Middle East.

He said that the massive uprising is a welcome development and must be protected against Western interference and hijacking. He warned that the enemies are working hard to hijack it while warning against divisions and sectarianism.

The Leader added that the interference of the hegemonic powers cannot change the reality of the popular uprisings which bring unity amongst people. He added that the participants have to look  at 3 things, they are: they nature of the uprisings, the factors that cause Islamic Awakening and Solutions to challenges that affect the Islamic Awakening.

Sayyid Khamenei further noted that  there are two problems facing the Ummah. the first is root in the Muslims themselves and the other is planted by the enemies.

He however noted that  with Trust is Allah and divine help everything will be overcome adding that each one should consider himself as present in the scene of uprising and Muslims shall never allow enemies to formulate their future the principle of the revolution. He further warned that enemies regimes should not be allowed to hijack the revolution nor shall their smile be trusted. He further noted that " Our youths are a source of pride to us"

The international conference is attended by 0ver 500 scholars and thinkers from 80 countries around the world.