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Remembering Imam Khomeini: The Reflections of our Time


Today marked the 21st years f the demised of an Islamic philosopher, teacher,
motivator, great sage and the leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran; Grand
Ayatullah Imam Ruhollah Mustafa Khomeini.  Imam Ruholla Khomeini was born on September 24, 1902, to the family of Mustafa Musawi and Hajara Aga Khanum in the city of Khomeini 300 Kilometer south of Tehran and died on the June 3rd, 1989. Since this historical birth of a great personality into the holy family
of Aga Mustafa Musawi; so many things have change in the historical development of Islamic Republic of Iran and the world of Islam was saved from humiliation in the hands of her adherence and the Zionist inspired Muslim government, by the sage of our time and the leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.

There is no doubt, that Imam Khomeini has not only
revolutionized the Iranian nation, but, has also changed the world of Islam for
better. Before the emergence of Imam Khomeini; Islamic flag of courage,
truthfulness, determination, dedication and perseverance had been thrown to the
gutter of historical hopelessness by both the adherence and their government;
in place of these virtues Muslims later imbibed the culture of hypocrisy,
fears, weakness, dishonesty and surrendering the destiny to the whims and
caprices of the Western imperialist interests. Islam and Muslims only answered
their name tagged; but everything about the actions and inactions are
antithetical to the teachers of Islam. At the time, Islam and Muslims were
searching for redeemers that will galvanized and energies them to action; but,
none was courageous enough to give service to Islam and confront the global
conspiracy and Western imperialist drives against the religion of Allah.

Out of this hopelessness and confusions that the Muslims
found themselves; Allah rise a leader of the people; philosopher of all time,
teacher, motivator and the light of Allah; who not only galvanized and energies
the people into action, but, also pull the flag of Islam from the gutter of
hopelessness, confusion and fear and restored the beautiful flag of Islam to
the tallest mountain in the world; so that the world  will realized that the
greatest giant has been reawakening and refined again to take her historical place in the global political and economic affairs of the world; Islam is not a dull religion; but a complete ways of lives that encompasses everything, more that what the so
called secularists are offering in the name of democracy, good governance and

The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was not only a turning
point in the historical development of the world; but, it was also a revolution
never seen before. It not only sends shock wave across the globe; but, it kept
politicians, countries, leaders, political and international analyst grasping
for air. This is because this was revolution unanticipated in the historical
development of the world. At the time the Iranian revolution occurred; various
revolutions had taken place; from the Chinese revolution in 1948, the Cuba
revolution of 1956, Arab-Israeli war and other pocket of conflicts and crises
across the world. But, the Iranian revolution was unique because, this is a
revolution that collapsed the most power military and monarchical government of
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi in the Persian Gulf; just through the instrumentality of
demonstration and riots. A revolution that did not follow the arm struggles for decades as attainable in China, Cuba etc; but, through the teachings and guardianship of Imam Khomeini; the Islamic leader of the revolution.

The spirit of Khomeinism spread like wild fire to all over
the globe. Muslims came to realized that Islam is not a dole religion and it
has the capacity to pull down the biggest mountains of oppressive leadership
and hopelessness and replaced such with the Flag of Allah. This was a turning
point to the world that has not prepared for this sudden change of event. The
emergence of Imam Khomeini on the political and international scene; not only
send shock, fear and disbelieve in the heart of the oppressors; but it also shakes
the foundation of globe injustice, underdevelopment, suppression and
subjugation of the living destinies of some gluttonous nations and leaders who
feed fat on the hopelessness and confusion of the world majority. Imam Khomeini
emerged as the symbol of justice and the revival of the Islamic creed.

For the first time in the history of the world a ground work
was laid for the establishment of an Islamic government through the
instrumentality of the Welayat-e Faqih.  Itwas on record, that various attempt were made at establishing an Islamic system
of governance; but, all these attempts have often plunge the Muslims into more
confusion and crises; but, Allah in his infinite mercy raises a leader among
his Ummah to change the course of historical hopelessness and confusion and
direct the people to the right part; thereby making them to be conscious of
their obligations to their Creator as expounded in the great religion of Islam.
This is rather unprecedented in the history of Islam in the 20th
century. The tenacity, determination, dedication, confidence, hopefulness on
Allah help and mercy, and the support of the people; the oppressive government
of Shah Reza Pahlavi was humble to submission and the banner of Islam was
re-echo to all part of the world to see that, Afterall, Karl Max has failed in
his thesis on religion as the “opium of the Masses” but, that
religion can be used to energies the people into action, and revolution; so,
as, to change their situation for the better.               

Although attempts were made by some tyrants masquerading themselves; as the custodian of the two Holy mosques in collaboration with their Zionist master to limit the spread of the Imam  Khomeini’s revolution to other part of the world; but, yet the spirit of Khomeinism echoes all over the world. It is significant to note that, it is in a bit, to stop, the spread of this flame of light against the flame of darkness and injustice that resulted to the eight (8) years of Iran-Iraq war; which resulted to the death of millions of people at the behest of the Western capitalist
nations; through the instrumentality of the disgrace stooge Saddam Hussein. There
is no doubt no matter the tactics and propaganda of the enemy of Islamic
revival; the spirit of Imam Khomeini’s revolution spread to all us and changes
our orientation, challenges our ego, duties and obligation to our religion and
our Creator. 

The Islamic teachers of Imam Khomeini revolution was anchored
on the unity of the Muslim nations; that is why he declared the birth week of
Prophet Muhammad (saw) 12th-17th of Rabi’al awwal as the Unity week
for all adherence of Islamic faith irrespective of ideological persuasion. He
also give some much attention to the liberation of the Palestine from the
shackles of international Zionism, by declaring the last Friday of the Ramadan
as International Quds, which will be used to show solidarity to the suppressed people of Palestine. This was unanticipated in the world of Islam; while others
preached disunity and re-echoing the Shias/Sunni rivalry; here is a leader
calling for the unity of the Muslim Ummah; I think it is quite clear who really
has the interests of the Muslims Ummah at heart.

Today, thirty one (31) years after the historic revolution; a
great nation is still standing with the required leadership armed with courage,
dedication, determination, and tenacity to challenge global injustice. Today,
the government of Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country that has
challenge the global system including the Zionist machinery and remained
standing. The fear of nuclear arm Iran is the beginning of wisdom to the
international unjust system. Israel has committed all kind of genocide against
the helpless people of Palestine; no Islamic government has called this
disgrace nation to order; when these nations have the powers and the resources
to stop these crisis; but, they are hypocritical cowards and unable to voice
out their frustration; everyday is meeting and negotiation; but for how long
will you continue to negotiate with  a bully and insensitive government; I believe the only language this bully understand is rascality and threat from a nation founded on justice and Islam.

And this is what the Imam Khomeini nation is offering us today. The tenacity
and courage of the Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei and President Mahmud Ahmadineja, has offer hope and aspiration to us, that, the global Zionist
system can be challenge and humble down to submission.

Dear brothers and sisters in humanity/Islam, our religion is
in great threat from the international Zionist organizations and their secular
Muslims collaborators; in seeing that this religion of Allah will not rise up
again and the flame of change and revolution did not occurs again. Their strategy(ies)
is to continue to divide us along ideological scheme; refusing us to form a
united fronts against the global injustice and hopelessness we the Muslim have
found themselves. Why the Politics of divide and rule will only make us more
vulnerable for control and subjugation. Since all of us have agreed on the
teachers of the Holy Prophet (saw); let him be a model for our unity; let use
the date of his birth (whether you celebrate it or not) as source of sober
reflection on the virtues and morals of this Best Creator on earth; if truly we
are sincere in practicing the teachers of the religion of Islam.

Today, we however remember the demised of a personality, a
leader, a preacher, a motivator, energizes a light of Allah and the 20th
century revivaistl of Islamic creed, Grand Ayutthaya Imam Ruhollah Mustafa
Khomeini, the great leader of 1979 Iranian revolution. We remember you today,
as we always, for the role you play in reawakening our consciousness to our
duties and obligation to our religion and to our creator. For creating and
establishing a nation, that is today serving as source of hope for we Muslims;
who were almost lost, confused and hopeless amidst global conspiracy against
our pure religion; but, your teaching, encouragement, motivation, and spiritual
guardianship has reawakens our unconsciousness, confusion and hopelessness, to
realize that our religion has the capacity to change and reform societies and
people where justice, equity and development will be attained. No matter how we
remember and write tribunes like this; we can’t pay you back for the assistance
and guardianship; but, I believe you have play your part and served Allah
right; it is now left to us to play our own part of reviving this great
religion of Allah (SWT).   We Call on Allah to lighting up your grave
with his mercy; may you continue to enjoy eternal rest and may we follow on
your foot steps amin.

 Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega,

from Al-Huda International Cultural and Education Centre

Zone 3,