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Islamic Movement  Marks the Birthday Day Anniversary of Imam Ali (AS) in Zaria

  The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) marks the birthday anniversary of the Leader of the Believers Imam Ali(alaihis salam).

The celebration took place at the Movementís Center ,Zaria on  Friday the13th of Rajab 1431 (25/6/2010). Speaking to multitudes of the Followers of Ahlul Bayt(AS) Sheikh Zakzaky highlighted on the life history of the Imam Ali and his closeness to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). He also spoke on his knowledge, virtues, devotion, bravery and many qualities of the Leader of  the Believers.

Some of the qualities of Imam Ali mentioned by the Leader of the Islamic Movement include his being the first person to embrace Islam when the prophet was calling his kinship to Islam as ordered by Allah adding that since the beginning of the Prophetís declaration of his mission Imam Ali was always together  with the Prophet(SAWA) and submitted to him. It was also reported in  genuine hadeeth that Imam Ali (AS) stayed with the Prophet in the cave of Heera for seven years worshiping Allah Almighty before Prophethood.  This shows his closeness to the Prophet, Sheikh Zakzaky explained.

Sheikh Zakzaky further elaborated the virtues of  the Imam Ali when the Prophet ordered Imam Ali to sleep on his mat the night the unbelievers in Mecca planned to assassinate the Prophet despite the fact that this could led to his death. When the Prophet ordered Ali(AS) to sleep on his mat the young Ali was only concerned with attaining to the Godís Pleasure and that of the Prophet and so he slept.

Base on this sacrifice by Imam Ali to ransom the Prophet Godís commended his effort in the holy Quran.

Sheikh Zakzaky also mentioned of  the bravery of Imam Ali in the battles of Badr, Uhud, Handaq and other battles when Islam Got upper hand in all the cases. Imam Ali displayed unequal bravery and sacrifice at a time when some turned their back, Sheikh noted.

Imam Ali(AS) birthday gathering in Zaria.

He added that all the virtues of the Imam are mentioned in the books of history that are easily obtainable and is not confined to a particular School of Thought. The saying of the Prophet regarding Imam Ali when he qualified the position of  Imam Ali to him as just like the position of  Harun to Musa(AS) except that there shall be no prophet after him is a popular Saying.

Islam was saved again during the battles of Handak or Ahzab when the Imam had one-on-one encounter with the Quraish experienced warriors like Amru bn Abdwood and killed him. The Prophet described that encounter as one in which belief (Iman) and unbelief (Kufr ) fought each other. The Prophet added that the  reward of that encounter outweighed the rewards of all the devotions of creatures in the sight of Allah.  This is Imam Ali Bn Abi Talib (alaihis salam).



Imam Ali Birthday gathering in Zaria

Sheikh Zakzaky delivering lecture on Imam Ali(AS)

Evening prayers after lecture

Sheikh Zakzaky leads evening prayers after lecture.

Medical Team during the gathering.