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Kano Marks Maiden Grand Maulud of Ameerul Mu’umineen

By Dauda Nalado

The Kano Da’ira of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organized a grand occasion to mark the birthday of Imam Aliy bn Abi Talib (AS) on Friday 25th June 2010. This exactly coincides with 13th Rajab which is the birth date of the Imam. A lecture was delivered and a grand walima was offered after Maghrib and Isha’ Prayers.

The guest speaker, Shaykh Muhammad Mahmud Turi congratulated the Muslims for witnessing such important occasion. Before deliberating on the personality of Imam Ali, he mentioned some of the recommended acts that are supposed to be performed by brothers and sisters in the “Bright days”, i.e. 13th, 14th and 15th of the month of Rajab. These include: Fasting during these three days; Night prayer which involved two, four and six raka’ats in the 13th, 14th and 15th nights, respectively.  Surahs Ya Seen, Mulk and Ikhlas are to be recited in each Raka’at; Du’a Ummi Dawud on the 15th. Details of which could be found in Mafaateehul jinaan.

M.Turi noted that the wilada (birthday) of Imam Ali (AS) is an important land mark in the history of this our great Ummah. It was narrated from authentic sources that the mother of Imam Ali, Fatimah bint Asad was circumumbulating the Holy Ka’aba, when she was caught up by birth labour. One of the walls of the Ka’aba split open suddenly and she then heard a voice instructing her to enter in. She gave birth to Imam Ali (AS) inside. This happened thirty years after the birth of the Prophet (SAWA). Historians’ accounts have reaffirmed this.

The mammoth crowd chanted loud Salawat as M.Turi started to mention some beautiful titles of Imam Ali (AS): Ameerul Mu’umineen, Abul hasanaini, Assidiqul akbar, Abul a’imma, Zaujuddahirah, etc. He called the attention of the audience of the stark fact that the merits of the Imam are so inexhaustible such that if all the creatures were to engage in mentioning them, they would never be exhausted. That notwithstanding, Shaykh Turi said that it will be worth to mention some few. He quoted few traditions from the book Kitaabul Aamaaliy as cited in Diyaa’ussaliheen.

One of the narrations said that the sins of whoever explains, verbally, the merits/virtues of Imam Ali (AS) would be forgiven no matter their gravity. Another tradition narrates that the sins of whoever writes the merits/virtues of Imam Ali (AS) would be forgiven no matter their gravity. Another narration indicated same reward for listeners to the merits of the Imam.

Malam Turi then quoted an interesting narration of a merchant from Madina who went on a trade mission to China through the sea. The businessman went with little merchandise but came back with plenty. The companions were so astonished regarding this huge profit obtained in so short a time. The Prophet cautioned them not to consider amassing wealth as sign of prosperity unless one who spends it in the cause of Allah (SWT). The prophet then directed the attention of the audience towards an approaching man who looked rather wretched. He (SAWA) told them that this man coming has just performed an act which earned him tremendous reward. The angels were busy safe keeping that man’s rewards. The rewards were so tremendous that if it were to be distributed among the creatures, the least benefactor gets a reward equivalent to the one whose sins are forgiven.

The companions inquired on that act. The Prophet referred them to the man. He told them that he substituted going out for his commitments with going to look into the glorious face of Imam Ali (AS), for he heard the narration on the merits of such. He was rewarded because of his pure intentions to this effect.

Another narration quoted by Abu Sukaina, M.Turi, was the one reported by Umm Salamat (RA), who said that the Prophet (SAWA) said: There is no group of people who would gather to recap some aspects of the virtues of Imam Ali unless they are surrounded by Angels. After the people wind up, the Angels would go back to the heavens now booming with strong and fascinating aroma. The other angels would then ask them from where they acquired such aroma. They would tell them that they attended a gathering were a group of some people on the Earth were extolling the virtues of the Prophet and his Progeny.

It was only Imam Ali (AS) who had the gut to challenge people by the saying “ saluniy qabla an tafqiduniy (ask me before you lose me)”, added Shaykh Turi. The Imam said that any person, after him, who makes such claim, is bound to be exposed. He cited an example of an individual who made similar claim. He was then asked about some details concerning the ant and some aspects of its digestive system. He could not provide ready answer. He was thus humiliated, thus proving what the Imam has declared.

In his concluding remarks, M. Turi emphasized on the lessons to be learnt from the life of Imam Ali (AS). Among these, is the fact that we have to insist on going back to the proper teachings of the Prophet (SAWA) as taught by his progeny. We have tofollow the footsteps of Imam Ali (AS), Imam Khumainiy (QS) and Shaykh bn Fodio (TR). We are blessed with the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sayyeed Zakzaky (H), who taught us the real Islam. He is in our midst. Our solution lies in loyalty and perseverance in this struggle.

Malam Turi gave the example of the Only Islamic Republic on Earth right now, Iran. With their reliance on God, the Almighty, they are no prosperous. In fact, Iran now pursues the policy of boosting their population. An allowance of one thousand dollars equivalent is provided for parents for each additional child. This contrasts what happens in enslaved countries like Nigeria, where only cries of measures to curb over population are heard. What a pity!

All hopes are not, however, lost. Malam Turi assured the teeming listeners that Islam would definitely rule this country. He recalled the prophesy of Shehu Fodio in his Kanzil Awlad, that there would be a Mujaddeed who would restore the glory of Islam in this country. Shehu’s description of this Mujaddeed perfectly fits Sayyeed Zakzaky (H).

Ours is a continued struggle. With God everything is possible. We are but instruments of God. He uses us the way He likes. He is the Maker. This Movement started with a single individual. We are now talking of millions. Malam Turi prayed for our perseverance in this noble struggle and hoped for success that would bring about a just system to replace the tyrannical one.

The Walima was offered after Maghrib and Isha prayers. Allah sent additional blessing to the occasion: Down pour of Rain after the Maghrib prayer. The occasion ended peacefully and participants went back to their respective domains after closing prayers.