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Fudiyyah Rigasa holds Speech and price giving day.

Fudiyyah Primary School Rigasa, Kaduna, one the Schools managed by Members of the Islamic Movement, held a Speech and Price Giving Day at the School compound on Saturday the 30th of July 2011.

The ceremony was attended by pupils, parents and the members of  general public. 25 pupils who completed their primary education will be enrolled into secondary Schools.

The School Director Mallam Umar Aliyu who delivered a welcome address spoke on the problems faced by the School with the view of tackling them.  Construction has been going on for the  Secondary section of the Fuidyyah School, he added.

Activates during the gathering include speech presentation by Pupils, Parades, debate and drama. Certificates and other prices were presented to students who displayed excellent performance in the academic year.

In his speech the guest speaker, Mallam Mukhtar  Sahabi spoke extensively on importance of seeking knowledge. He said that knowledge and civilization originated from Islam from where the West got hold of it, adding that some people had a wrong notion that knowing English Language is synonymous to being civilized, he argued that there are countries, who are developed, yet they use their local language in their educational system.

He called on parents to put children education as their top priority.