The early morning of Thursday 1st Shawwal 1428 (11/10/2007) just like any town in Nigeria showed all routes leading to the id praying ground jam packed with faithfuls going to the mosque. Kofar Mata praying ground in Kano city was filled with faithful amongst whom was Mal Muhammad Turi the representative of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), who is extending the word of wisdom of the Sheikh in calling on all to the path of Allah.


            He started the speech before the commencement of eid prayers by congratulating all Muslims on behalf of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) for having completed one of the act of worships ordained by Allah (T), a day in which shaitan is annoyed for the forgiveness granted by Allah (T) to His faithful servants. While we are happy for completing the religious act, on the other hand we are aggrieved for leaving the blessed month, for when it is said one of the bounties of the month is that in everyday of Ramadan many are being forgiven, definitely one wouldn't want such bounties to depart the Ummah. He enjoyed all to make useful of the training imbibed from the holy month.


            While many are celebrating id many Muslims in many countries e.g. Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq etc are in a state of fear, shock, in disarray etc with resultant killings of each other. It's common news to hear bombardments and killings at mosques and religious sites, market places etc with false accusations that it's the other sect that have detonated the bomb by the western controlled media.

Even without substantiating Quranic verse or the sayings of the Rasoul, it suffices to say, At a time when the world tyrants and transgressors headed by America are calling for the formation of an alliance within themselves to forge a hegemony against Islam and Muslims, Muslims within these countries are engineered against themselves with the help of the world arrogant.

 Its only sensible for all Muslims to come back to their senses such that they unite themselves and hold steadfast onto the way of Allah (T), for it's the only genuine remedy to all problems. He further reiterated that let it be know that whenever one is engaging in causing rift between Muslims, he is playing a key role for the world Kufur in its war against the truth i.e. Al-Islam.

            While narrowing down to our local environment Nigeria Mal Turi gave an elaborate discussion and words of caution of how the global conspiracy is creating rift between Muslims in various Muslim countries in the world is gradually laying its imprints in this country.

The incidence of the killing of an Islamic preacher in Kano and Sokoto with false accusation and incitements of fellow Muslims and their brethrens are recent examples of these attempts. However a faithful and mindful Muslims of course wouldn't accept or believe that a fellow Muslim will kill a fellow, because Allah (T) have clearly stated that "who so ever kill a faithful Muslim knowingly, his abode will be hellfire (jahannam), Allah is annoyed with him, is outcast and will face different forms of chastisement.", in which authorities in Quranic commentary have made an analysis that there hasn't being any instance in the Quran where five different forms of chastisement have been prescribed for who so ever does a transgression.

 He further drew our attention on the sayings of the Rasoul that "who so ever contribute in killing a faithful even with half a word will in the day of judgment be raised with bold written inscription on his face stating that he will not receive the piety (rahama) of Allah (T)". Will then a committed Muslims as it is being portrayed commit such an act? Lesson of the past has indeed showed to us "tyranny and tyrants, transgressors and transgression, oppression and oppressors" has always being in the forefront in creating dis-unity amongst Muslims. Thus the call back to Islam and the subsequent revolution under the leadership of Shehu Danfodio (TR) in this part of the world, that of Imam Khoemini (QS) in Iran has shown the path to trend and get the favour of Allah (T).

 This is also the path that has been followed by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), and whenever we are on this track world kufur will always be shattered. The path that has been ordained by Allah (T) is a most and necessity because it's the only path to salvation despite difficulties that may be encountered, after all even Nigerians that are in the era of democracy will not claim to be in a state of living that is above the poverty level where common necessities of pipe-borne water or common electricity is no where to be found despite its enormous resources.

What more even if you have all goodies the insistence on following the path ordained by Allah is the only path to salvation because life does not end in this world, earning the pleasure of Allah (T) is the utmost aspiration. Least is to give the example of the victory of those that have stayed put on the path of Allah (T), the Hizbullah in the last years 34 days war with Israel (America) have been given victory against those that claim to have the most sophisticated and latest weaponry of destroying an enemy.


            Furthermore, no one in today's world would claim to be receiving revelation from Allah (T) and for this our act of worship transcends from our interpretations of the sayings of the Rasoul. As a result differences do exists in interpretations and conceptions, which is a natural phenomena in human beings.

 Hasn't there been this differences during the time of Rasoul, and how have they acted to such, has it created the state of unrest in our today's societies were the series of issues raised by Mal Turi. In answering these he gave an example of an event that followed when Muslims came back from a Battlefield, Rasoul asked his companions to proceed to a Jewish settlement that broke a treaty.

Two opinions as to whether to stay and pray asr on the way or wait a bit until they reach the settlement by asr, because that Rasoul said they should be in the settlement by asr arose. One group said they will pray asr since its time for its performance because the reason why the Rasoul said they should be there by asr is for them to hurry up, while the other said since the Rasoul said they should be there by asr they wouldn't stop on the way to pray, but will only pray asr at the settlement, however they only arrived when the time for asr has passed.

On narrating this happening to the Rasoul no blame was put on each camp, and never was there hostilities between them. If such is the case why should there be hostilities between us? Human beings that are in right state of mind and are knowledgeable in the field of sharia are not unaware that there hasn't being a time and there wouldn't be a time when all human beings will have the same state of reasoning and thinking.

 Differences is a blessing that helps in the mutual understanding and a pillar that support the staying together, because life would have being pretty difficult if everything is the same. Come to think of if everybody is a male, all are white or black, all are tall or short etc. Thus, when an individual engages himself in zikir, wears trouser that those not reach the ankle, walks with chewing stick, sticks to the teaching of Ahlul Bait (AS) i.e. of Shia school of thought, why should you bother to be at logger head with him, he probably might have justification for his actions.

Hasn't Allah (T) enjoyed us to hold fast onto Allah (T) and we shouldn't divide ourselves?   Mal Turi went to give example of how a renowned Ahlul- Sunnah scholar Imam Suyuti in his book on the commentary of the Quran (Al-Durul Mansur) while commenting on the verse of Suratul Baiyinah "those that believe and do good deen are the best of creatures", the companions of the Rasoul asked him who are the best of creatures ("khairul bariyah"), Rasoul answered Imam Aliy (KW) and his Shia (Followers). Thus the word "Shia" came from the Rasoul's description of best of creatures, why should you bother on trying to discredit whom Allah has credited?

                                  WHERE DO YOU BELONG?

            In conclusion he went to raise the hope of all that adhere to the religious dictate of Islam in the world, that the era of Islamic reawakening and dominance is just around the corner, because evidences in various part of the globe is stressing this fact inspite of the overall few numbers.

Despite all plots the world transgressors never even unconsciously mingle in the affairs of those that hold steadfast in the part of Allah (T), the case of some part of Iraq, Hizbullah section in Lebanon, and of course the Islamic republic Iran is a fact to this. Shehu Danfodio (TR) has already foretold us of the blessing of the presence of an Islamic revivalist that will revive Islamic identity within our mist in his book "kansil aulad" giving details of his name, date of birth etc.

Unequivocally his name is Maulana Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), would you be a part of the members of the Islamic movement under his leadership or not? We are indeed optimistic change is by the corner, why not? Its because all affairs are under the control Allah (T) and to him alone, if it were to be shared (waiyazu billah) we would have given away all hope. He also enjoyed all to contribute immensely towards the struggle back to Allah (T).

 Islam has an established history, with increased atrocities on the followers of the struggle; Islam is bound to stamp its authority. What was the outcome of transgressors acts on the Rasoul and believers at Makka? Hasn't Islam transcend the spheres of Arabia, stretching the world over? History will of course repeat itself bizilillahi Taallah, during our lifetime, and if it happens our time is off, we are rest assured we have indeed achieved victory.


Muhammad Isa Ahmad