Professor Dahiru Yahaya lamented on Ashura in History: Past and Present

As part of the activities of Ashura Mourning in Kano, the renowned History scholar, Professor Dahiru Yahaya was invited to speak on the historical perspectives of the Ashura tragedy.This was conducted on Sunday, 7th Muharram, 1432 H (12th December 2010 CE). Engineer Bala
Abdullahi chaired the occasion.

In his opening remarks, the erudite scholar expressed Ashura Day as a great turning point in history. He said that it is the day which shows the clear divide: between true and fake Muslims; between justice and tyranny; between those who love the world desperately and those attached to the hereafter. The World, observed the Professsor, is always marred by light and darkness. Ashura Day should be taken as a day for reckoning. Man should assess himself.

He lamented that whoever analyse the history of Imam Husain (AS) on Ashura Day would be highly moved. More so, the event occurred barely 50 years after the demise of the Holy Prophet. He who does not know the Ashura Day may not comprehend the clear demarcation between justice and injustice, truthfulness and falsehood. In fact one would not understand the real mission of man on the Earth. Professor further remarked that the Imam came out to defend Islam. Had there not been Ashura, today there would not have been Islam. On Ashura Day, we were given practical training on how to defend the religion. Truth can never be buried. All the happenings in Ashura were not by accident. Everybody knew that Yazid was forced on people by his father Muawiya.People should have resisted. Majority of people, however, were and are still tilted towards material gains. Most World rulers today are prototypes of Yazid.

The Professor noted one hard fact about the scholars in ancient Kano: that those who have acquired deeper Islamic knowledge had no option but to become Shi’ah. Although the Karbala episode occurred more than 1300 years ago, we build our stance as if it occurs today. Our being minority should never deter us. We have assurance in the Qur’anic  verse: “—how often has a small group vanquished a mighty army, by the grace of Allah, Allah is with those who are steadfast” (Q2:249). The Professor urged members of the Islamic Movement to be steadfast. The Movement, under the tenets of the Ahlul Bayti School, is certainly making progress. The society is also tilting towards Islam.

Before concluding, the distinguished scholar touched on the importance and superiority of knowledge. He emphasized on the fact that Imam Ali (AS) is the gate to the city of knowledge of the Prophet (SAWA). Once you love the prophet, the only way is to pass through Ali bn Abi Talib. That is why, observed the Prof, the Shiah scholars are the real custodians of Islamic knowledge. He prayed for the Muslim Ummah to emulate Imam Husain so as to establish the worthiness of his sacrifice.

Malam Muhammad Turi was back from educational trip to the Islamic Republic. He served as the discussant. In his remarks, M. Turi quoted
the view of some History scholars that the World of History is divided
into two: The one before and the one after Ashura tragedy at Karbala.
The Ashura tragedy, he observed, was an event that was not surpassed
by any of its kind. He quoted a popular adage which likened Islam to a
plant. It was established by Muhammad (SAWA) and then watered to
survive by Husain (AS). This time around the water was his pure blood.

M.Turi reiterated that True Islam would succeed. He urged the audience
to ponder upon the situation of Karbala: A barren desert now turned
into a marvelous modern edifice visited by millions of people. He then
enquired: Where is the tomb of Yazid? How many visitors go there? The
answer is clear. M. Turi pointed to the fact that the success of the
Islamic Revolution in Iran was a consequence of the Ashura mourning
uprisings. The issue of Ashura keeps on becoming known evry now and
then. Hiterto, majority of people were ignorant of it. Allah (SWT),
upon His mercy, bestowed to this Ummah, the person of Sayyid Zakzaky
(H), who kindled the light in the dark tunnel.

Malam Turi, in his coclusion, assured the teeming audience that Islam
is the only way out for Nigeria. The Islamic Movement and followership
of the Ahlul Bayti School of thought would continue to develop up to
the ultimate establishment of Islam in Nigeria.

Dauda Nalado reports