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Lecture on the Life and Struggle of Sheikh Uthman Bn Fodio(RA)

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria organised one day Lecture on life and struggle of Sheikh Bn Fodio at Women Center, Abuja on Saturday the 29th of January 2011. The month of Safar is set for the programme being the birth month of Sheikh Bn Fodio.

The lecture supposed to have been delivered by an invited speaker who could not attend due to some reasons, therefore  the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke on the life and struggle of Sheikh Bn Fodio.

Speaking on birth of the great Islamic Revivalist Sheikh Uthman Bn Fodio the Leader of the Islamic Movement said he was  Born to the family of renowned scholar, Fodio,  which means a Scholar in Fulfulde. Sheikh Uthman, after started his learning from his father Fodio who was a Qur’anic Teacher studied under many scholars in different part of Hausa land. In the process of his seeking for knowledge Sheikh Bn Fodio also studied in Zaria and Keffi. In all the places Sheikh bn Fodio lived he combined both learning and teaching, pointed Sheikh.

Sheikh Zakzaky delivering his lecture.

The Leader narrated how Sheikh Bn Fodio traveled far and wide to many parts of Hausa land seeking for knowledge. Bn Fodio wrote many books on different aspect of Islamic Jurisprudence. In the process he studied the then Hausa society where Islamic values were adulterated and Islamic System abandoned by the Rulers.

Realising the bad Culture that took over the society contrary to the Islamic Shari’a, Sheikh Bn Fodio therefore started calling people back the to Islamic way and in the process faced challenges and persecutions from  rulers like Bawa Jan Gwarzo, Yunfa and Nafata, the Leader noted.

After facing serious persecution from rulers, Sheikh Bn Fodio and his followers decided to migrate to a safer place. however, the rulers decided to kill him and his follower whereupon Sheikh Bn Fodio got upper hand and established Islamic system of governance.

He lamented how  Shehu is not remembered as a s Scholar who spread knowledge, but rather as warrior was fought and established empire- a wrong view held by many.

Sheikh Bn Fodio revived Islam and should therefore be remembered as such, Sheikh noted.


Leader in handshake with chief Imam of Abuja Central Mosque Sheikh Musa Muhammad