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Sheikh explained the genesis of Ashura


The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky continued with his speech on the genesis of Ashura on Tuesday the 9th of Muharram 1432. He was speaking on the genesis of Ashura and various events which led to Ashura tragedy on the 10th of Muharram 61AH.

Sheikh Zakzaky had been explaining situations in Arabian Society before the coming of Islam and after the demise of the Prophet (SAWA), because of their links to brutal killing of Imam Husain (AS),  in order to have proper understanding and to know exactly what  led to the unforgotten massacre on Ahlul bayt(AS).

The Leader elaborated on the situation in pre-Islamic Arabian society which was characterized by rivalry and competitions of superiority amongst tribes; a situation which made some tribes formed a coalitions of ties to fight other tribes.

Sheikh Zakzaky during Ashura gathering in Zaria

From the 1st of Muharram 1432, Sheikh Zakzaky narrated various historic events that are connected in way or the other to Ashura tragedy. In continuations of the narration, the Leader spoke on the battle of Jamal and Siffin in which some groups of people gathered against the Commander of the Faithfuls, Imam Ali(AS). Sheikh Zakzaky explained the events from those battles, among others, which culminated into Ashura tragedy.

After the leader ended his lengthy speech, he further reminded the gathering on the A’mal (act of worships and supplications) on the Night and Day of Ashura which could be found in the book of Mafatihul Jinan, Misbahul mutahajjid etc.

After sunset prayers, matam was performed. Ziyara of Imam Husain and tawassul were recited by Sheikh Zakzaky.