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Ashura significance being a highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's speech.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke further on the significance of Ashura event  on Monday the 8th of Muharram 1432. Before his speech on Ashura, Sheikh Zakzaky gave a lesson from the book of Nahjul Balaghah. Monday is set for weekly lessons from the book Nahjul Balaghah.

He explained that the tragedy of Ashura occurred 1371 years ago in the year 61AH, and its commemoration has been going on since the time of its occurrence to date  despite  enemies'  plots, at different time, to stop it. For example,  Mutawakkil, one of the Abbasid Khalifah, threatened pligrims to Karbla with death. When he killed thousands and still people continued to go there he stopped killings and started amputating hands of of pilgrims. He amputated almost  70,000 people in the process. however, despite all evils,visiting of the holy Imam continued.

The lessons in Ashura event, being the highest and greatest sacrifice by Imam Husain(AS), shall continue to serve numerous lessons to all people irrespective of religion. Jews and Christians do study Ashura event because of its lessons to humanity in general. Millions of people each year commemorate Ashura tragedy. And its widely acceptance is a sign of re-emergence of long awaited, the alive savoiur of humanity(AJ).

Ashura commemoration in Karbala where millions of pilgrims go there every makes non-Muslims to continue embracing Islam as it happened the recent years.

However,  some people are accusing Shiah of commemorating Ashura tragedy; some of them accused Shia of  Shirk or worshipping of dead, despite the fact that they have many ahadeeth which speak about visiting of graves and shedding tears , out of concern, for the deads. They think what we are doing of commemorating Ashura-dressing in black and shedding tears, are wrong and are innovations. They even ascribed what what we do as ‘shirk (worshipping of other than God).

What will be their views concerning many verses of the holy Quran, which says  remember our servant  Ibraheem or Saleh or Musa! The verses extol their various qualities like their being patient, pertinent, etc. , the verses give these  accounts  for the Holy Prophet s to emulate.

Similarly, Asura event  is commemorated to remember the sacrifice of Imam Husain(AS), the greatest and highest form of sacrifice much better than the sacrifice of Ibraheem in his  obedience to God to sacrifice his son Isma’il.

The sacrifice of Imam Husain save and revived Islam. Those who accuse it’s commemoration, are no less than those who understand the power of Ashura  lessons which will eventually lead to establishment of true religion on earth.

Matam of the Imam was recited in group . Also Ziyara of Imam Husain(AS) was recited by the leader and close the programme with dua



Yazid depicted in drama before the  lecture