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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


By Shuaibu Isa Ahmad, a student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria.

          All praise is due to Allah who created mankind and made for them an example to follow throughout their fierce battle with evil. May the benedictions of Allah be upon His noble Prophet Muhammad (S), his pure progeny and those who follow him for the sake of Allah.

          The overall objective of the annual Imam’s Week conducted worldwide is towards reflecting upon and commemorating Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) and his struggle with the view to learning as well as emulating lessons from such reflection for the task ahead.

          Imam Khomeini brought this great religion of ours (Islam) back to live and today Muslims are publicly proud to be associated with the religion, at a time when the world attention, has been focused on searching for alternative solutions to Islam.

          The revolution of Imam Khomeini is in its thirty second year, ten years within the lifetime of Imam Khomeini and also in its twenty second year after the demise of Imam Khomeini, but has remained stronger proving the world arrogant powers wrong. It is quite obvious that talking on the struggle of Imam Khomeini is indeed vast, but however, we can touch a little of the struggle of this great man of the century.

          One among many of the contributions of Imam Khomeini (Q.S) is on changing the thinking of the world in the last Christian era towards religion. This is so at a time when showing the power of reasoning and understanding, wise and being progressive, is thought be product features of belonging to the bourgeoisie in the 1970’s being part of the two main ideologies i.e. socialism which was lead forcefully by the former Soviet Union (USSR) or capitalism which was lead forcefully by America and their cohorts.

          Thus, in spite of the differences that exist in these set of ideas of modernism, they do consider Islam as an outdated ideology that has no contemporary bearing in the present world scenario, hence being progressive according to them is by adopting either capitalism or socialism.

          However, Imam Khomeini (Q.S) showed demonstratively the relevance of Islam in the running of the affair of the society not seen as an ideology of the past that is only remembered and stays within the places of worship.

          Imam Khomeini was born in Khomein, his ancestors migrated from Kashmir, before then they were migrants from Iraq of Imam Husaini’s descendants and Madinatun-Nabiy (S). His first teacher was his senior brother Ayatullah Parsendide, and, later distinguished himself in studies in Isfahan and renowned Islamic learning center of Qum. He also studied under the leading Ulema in Qum.

          In Qum, Imam Khomeini distinguished himself as a scholar by bringing change in the approach taken on the status quo of rulership and leadership. This means that a leader must be a person with the knowledge of Islamic theology, Fiqh and must be trustworthy and have fear in Allah (T) which was fully explained in his, writings in “Wilayatul Faqih”. Other instrumental writings of Imam Khomeini help developed the thought of millions included “Kashful Asrar (reviling the secret and “hukumatul Islamiy” (Islamic government).      

          Reformation of the thought of people that “religion is not the opium of the masses” rather as a tool to having success of life in this world and the next life is one of the major lessons that could be derived from the struggle of Imam Khomeini.

          A Christian by name Kurt Weilderham mentioned that Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) has made him to be proud of Christianity and there is hope in religion. Also, Kin en Sung of Korea made mention that the struggle of Imam has shown to us that religion was never the opium of the masses but as a means of running the affairs of humanity.

          It is clear to all people that religion presently is considered to be as a means of setting free of all oppressed as shown by Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) when tyrannical rulership of Shah was changed to the dictate of Allah (T) under the guidance of the just Servant of Allah (T) with peace and tranquility prevailing.

          Thus emphatically showing every society could equally follow the foot-steps of Rasoulullah Muhammad (S) as shown in this contemporary society of us by Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS). The faith of Iran, Nigeria, Hezbollah of Lebanon, Europe and other movement of humanity as well as Islamic movement globally is well known to everyone.

          It is now evident to the critics and enemies of Islam that the revolution of Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) has come to stay despite all plots and has a profound impact on the Muslim world and humanity. The negative strategy now put in place with intent of containing the revolution within the boundaries of Iran is the conspiracy strategy of depicting and branding the revolution to be “Shia revolution”. They plan, but Allah (T) is the best of planners, the branding has made more people globally to quest knowing what Shia is and what has Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) brought called the entire world society onto.

          Despite all attempt and effort by the enemies of Islam to crush the acceptance of the clarion call of Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) and no such effort is successful.

          Iran today has progress in human and physical fields with Iran leading the mantle in protecting and standing by all oppressed people of the entire globe. The key to the success of the struggle of Imam Ruhullah-al-Musavi-al-Khomeini (QS) struggle has been voicing out the truth and standing by it.


           “Muslims must think about training, controlling, and correcting the leaders of some countries. They must use advice or warnings to wake them up from their expensive sleep which is killing them and the interests of the Islamic nations. They must not be unaware of the danger of the hypocrites and those who work for the arrogant powers of the world. They should not sit on their hands and watch the destruction of Islam and the usurpation of their capitol, interest, and Islamic women.’’

          “Muslims are not scared of the hollow commotion from the oppressive media. The castles, military, and political wings of the arrogant powers of the world are like spider webs: weak and falling’’.

          “Jerusalem is the first kiblah of Muslims and it belongs to them”.

           “The Quds day is the day of Islam”.

          “We must all rise, destroy Israel (Zionist State) and replace it with heroic Palestinian nation”.   


Edited by Muhammad I. Ahmad