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By Maimuna Husain

  Women are created by God to excel to the full stature of perfect human. They are to be embedded with virtue, spiritual and ethical qualities. Women’s morality, activities and progress are cardinal values ultimatum to a progressive and less vulnerable human society.                                                                                                                                              

  The 19th century religious leaders of France, after a long discourse decided “Woman is a human being, but made to serve man “ The  legacies before 1882   was that of women subordination and domination, they are denied rights and privileges, they are not counted in the National Population Census. Lately in 1882, a British law, unprecedented in the country’s history, for the first time granted women the right and freedom to decide how to spend their earnings instead of handing all their properties and earning to their spouses. Professor Albert Connolly writes “ 1919 England’s women fought for their right to be elected to parliament and in their battle went to prison and suffered  physically in fearless vindication of their sex …..”                                                   

Contemporarily, western aliens claimed to have granted women dignity and liberty, in reality it was liberty for increased corruption and immorality, women have been separated from their real personalities and natural endowment, they are obliged to eat, talk, walk and dress in western language under the influence of heavy cosmetics and ‘vogue of the time’, some women are like commodities evaluated on the basis of their sexual attraction. Despite the so-called rights and unlimited freedom they have always been misused for material objectives, most of them are victims of abduction and rape in exchange for the civilized, free and hectic way of life. In some developed industries only a very small percentage of women are employed in high level of administration, majority are employed in low paying jobs and a great number of women doing the same work as men do not get equal pay for their work, in addition, they are always in constant fear of loosing their honor and status. Despite the propaganda of western style for democracies women have been subjected to socio-economic, political and psychological traumas, yet some concealed their victimization because of the ‘politics of identity’.                                       

     Extensive campaigns against the position of women in Islam has always been intensified without justification to the true principles of Islam, references were made to    corrupt customs and traditions that are themselves not sourced from Islamic principles. The conspiracy was to erode the Islamic character of Moslem women and used them as instruments for spreading the alien immoral cultures; this culture has been the source of our socio-economic, political and moral destructions through systematical legitimization of corrupt social habits. Most Moslem society were among the worst sufferers from these western disasters because of the deliberate neglect and abandonment of Islamic principles by Moslems and their    leaders.                                                                                       

         Islam proclaims that in God’s sight there is no difference between man and woman, each is a precious soul, all that makes one honorable in the sight of God is excelling in virtue, piety, spiritual and ethical qualities. On the day of reckoning each individual will be judged regardless of sex. Islam regards man and woman as complementary to each other, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an chapter 3 “Imran’s family” (verse 195): “Their Lord hath accepted their prayer and answered: ‘never will I suffer the work of any one of you, male or female to be lost ye are complementary to each other’. At the very inception Islam opposed the tragic depression of women in pre- Islamic Arabia. It conferred women with height of dignity and institute equality of souls with due regard to differences of male and female general physical structure and condition of body. Fourteen century ago Islam had decreed women’s right to own and dispose property, to conduct transactions with out the control or surveillance of a man, as it is written in –“The women,” (verse33): “In no wise covet gifts bestowed by God seemingly more freely on some than on others. Whatsoever a man earns is his own, whatsoever a woman earns is her own. Pray to God for the bounty of his providence for he knows all things.” Islam voluntarily bestowed rights and privileges to women with out pressure there is no moment or aspect of a woman’s life, and no obstacles she is likely to face for which Islam have not make a beneficial provision.                                                                

 In conclusion we should be highlighted with the facts that Islam has provided women with good teachings in three stages, first, woman’s personality in the law of creation, second, women’s personality in the society, and thirdly, women’s personality in the family. Despite clear Islamic commandments, women were not given the real status and position they deserved, position of women even in most of the Moslem society was not an appropriate one. The issue of women personality should be review, a charge of indictment should be issued for those who has disrespected women in recent decades throughout the world as a result of biased, incorrect policies; capitalism communism and so-call civilizations. Women should be aware of the need to struggle side by side together with other Moslems to ensure the realization of Islamic principles in all aspect of our lives, on the day of reckoning all souls shall be held responsible for the neglect and abandonment of those divine rules that are ultimatum to the peace and stability of mankind.          




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