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 Sayyed Zakzaky Speaks on the Current Islamic Awakening with Press tv

By Ibrahim Usman from Tehran

In his contribution to the just concluded International Conference on Islamic Awakening in Tehran, Iran, Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) says with the current awakening among Muslim nations, "never again, shall the people tolerate oppression and oppressors; never again, shall things be thesame".

He made the statement during an interview with Presstv and several other media at IRIB Conference Centre, venue of the International Islamic Awakening conference in Tehran.

Sayyed Zakzaky who was one of the Board of Directors at one the sessions during the conference said, the current revolt across the Middle East and North Africa has clearly demonstrated the strong will of the people to break away from the decade of domination and suppression.

According to him, people are becoming more aware of the rights and cannot therefore watch as the right is being plundered through collaborated domination. "This is the beginning, and there is no stopping it," he added.

Sayyed Zakzaky however, cautioned on the hijack of the revolution by the West through intervetionist strategy: "For instance you may succeed in removing Mubarak, and they will give you another Mubarak".

He therefore advised the Islamic nations to have a clear agenda and firm leadership that will replace the existing statusquo. "The vision and agenda must clearly be stated, should clearly be Islamic", he stressed.

On the issue of leadership, Sayyed Zakzaky stressed that the Muslim Umma had been one nation under one leadership, with strategic delegations. "During the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad(SAWA), he was the absolute leader and with vested divine authority  that was delegated after him".

Sayyed Zakzaky added that, it is a clear fact that the current wave of revolutionary movements around the world was inspired by the Islamic revolution in Iran led by late Imam Khomeini(QS), making him the leader of all times.

"You cannot talk of Imam Khomeini being a past leader, he is still the leader. You cannot talk of contries having their own type of Khumaini leader. The world needs only one Khumaini and it has one.  Imam Khumaini is God's gift to the world, the world only needs to follow the thought and teachings of Imam Khumain".

Sayyed Zakzaky stated Imam khumaini remains a model and a leader with his successor Sayyed Ali Khamane'i in place., whom he said has clearly pointed out the way forward in the current situation during his opening speech at the International Islamic Awareness Conference.