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Sayyid Zakzaky (H) explains the real meaning of mawaddati fil Qurba
(love of the near of kin of the Prophet).

by Dauda Nalado

The activities of the Ashura mourning gathering being conducted at the Baqiyyatullah Husainiyya Zaria continues as usual. On Thursday 4th Muharram, 1432, Shaykh Zakzaky (H) explained the real meaning of the love of the near of kin of the holy prophet. He emphasized the fact that there is no difference of opinion as regards the meaning of kinsfolk in the quranic verse: “---say I do not ask any recompense (for deliverance of the Divine Message) save the loving kindness among the kinsfolk---.” (Q 42: 23). It is unanimous that this refers to theclose progeny of the Holy Prophet.

Hence, the love of the progeny of the Holy Prophet is mandatory according to Quranic injunction. Then Sayyid went on to quote the sayings of some Imams on what constitutes the real meaning of love to them since they are part and parcel of the Prophet’s kinsfolk: It is to sympathize with them at their sorrowful moments and to rejoice with them at their cheerful moments. Commensurate examples are the Ashura  mourning and maulud (birthday celebration) respectively. Sayyid (H) gave some vivid examples to show the folly of those with the opinion of being indifferent to what happened to the Prophet’s progeny.

After Salat and iftar, Malam (H) recited the famous Du’a Kumayl which
is being recited, as usual, on Friday nights.

Wednesday highlight below:

Sayyid Zakzaky (H) established the authenticity and hence the need for
holding Ashura mourning assemblies

This week, the usual tafseer conducted on Wednesdays by the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sayyid Zakzaky (H) at the Fudiyya Islamic centre was conducted at the Husainiyya baqiyatullah instead. This is as a result of the Ashura mourning activities that are being conducted for the last three days at the Husainiyya. After the tafseer, Shaykh (H) utilized the time left to establish the fact that holding Ashura mourning assembly has authentic base in Islam. This was drawn from the traditions of the Prophet (SAWA) and those from his Ahlul Bayt (AS).

There are sound traditions in the possession of the generality of the Muslims (‘am) to this effect. In one of such traditions, it was reported that the Prophet was seen crying on the pulpit when Hasan and Husain were around him.

He informed the people that he was told by Angel Gabriel that Imam Husain, his grandson, would be massacred at the plain of Karbala. In another Hadith (this is famous and known to our ulama as Hadith of karora), it was reported that The Prophet gave his wife Umm Salma a handful of karbala dust which was kept in a bottle. She was told that whenever she noticed the sand turned into red, Husain has been slain.

That was exactly what happened. Then Sayyid recited some ahadiths as
reported from Ahlul Bayt to that effect. In the previous sitting on Tuesday Sayyid (H) tried to establish the fact that the issue of Ashura mourning is not a strange phenomenon in Muslim societies, even though some people attempted to make it so. He cited some clear examples to buttress this point.

Dauda Nalado reports