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10/10/2011                                                There Is No Authority Except That of Allah.                                Dhul Qa'da 12, 1432 H

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A Prosperous Silver Jublee.
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The Tragedy of Karbala
Imam Ali (AS), Our Master

The Punch and Tambari Yabo’s Unintelligent Report.

Article on Imam Mahdi(AJ)

Hezbullah in the Niger Delta?


Pictures speak

General Conference Hadejia
Az-Zahra(AS) Day

Pictures of Maulid Procession in Zaria 
Ashura/Anti Israel Procession in Zaria |
10 Day Mourning Gathering

Pictures of Ghadder Celebration
Pictures of Sheikh Zakzaky's Visit of Isfahan
Birthday Anniversary of Imam of the Time(AJ)
Pictures of Anti-Zionist Symposium
Pictures of Maulid khatmah Programme
Pictures of Maulud Procession and Rally in Zaria

Recent Pictures of the Film Village

Nisf Sha'aban celebration.


In search of the ideal Man

Victims of Sokoto Crises
List of Detained Brothers in Sokoto

Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria-News and Articles  عربي

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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sayyid Zakzaky rejoices wtih Followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS) on the birthday Commemoration of Imam Ali Ar-Ridha (alaihis salam)
Upcoming Event: Resource Forum Conference 2011

The Book Risalatul Huquq launched in Keffi



Resource Forum Conference holds in October

Members of the Islamic Movement Medical Association (ISMA) handling General Hospital Katsina during the recent Workers Strike in the state.

Three Members Transferred to another prisons

Int'l Confab on the Rights of Palestinians Begins in Iran


A visit by members of the Movement from Gombe  to Sayyid zakzaky at Fudiyyah Islamic Center (F.I.C) last week

The full text of the Sayyid Khamenei's Opening speech at the 5th International Conference on Palestine
Speech of The Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamene’i At the Open of the International Conference On Isalmic Awakening In Tehran.

Abul Fadl Abbas Foundation Launches additional English website for the Movement.

Interventionists Strategy Against the Islamic Awakening

Bomb blasts ridiculing Islam- S. Zakzaky (H)
Full Text of Sheikh Zakzaky's Address at Eid Feast
Feast with Sheikh Zakzaky in Pictures

Sayyid Zakzaky is back in Nigeria



Sayyed Zakzaky Speaks on the Current Islamic Awakening with Press tv



Seyyed  Khamenei Warns Against Hijack of the Current Islamic Revolutions by Foreign Interventionists


2-day Int'l Conference on Islamic Awakening begins in Iran, on Saturday.



Conference of the World Assembly of Ahlul Bayt ends on Wednesday



ABWA Committee on Africa holds a meeting in Tehran.



Sheikh Zakzaky arrives in Iran for a Conference



Feast with Sheikh Zakzaky at Husaniyyah



20 Children of Fudiyyah Primary School Memorised Qur'an in Kano



Bomb Blast Ridiculing Islam- S. Zakzaky



Sheikh Turi addresses Quds Rally in Kano



Imam Khomeini's Gift to the World

Twenty-Two Years On, Imam Khomeini Lives

Ceremony of Qur'anic Memorisation in Pictures
Sheikh Zakzaky :The Heritage of Knowledge Belongs to Muslims

Pictures of Quds Day Procession in Zaria
Pictures of Quds Day in Kano
    |   Pictures of Quds Day in Kaduna

Ramadan Sermon of the Prophet (SAWA)
Guest Column: Article on Reappearance of Imam Mahdi(AJ)

22 Years on, Imam Khomeini Lives




A member dies While in Prison



Islamic Vacation Course Begins in Zaria



Darul Quran Kano Holds Qur'anic Recitation Competition



Fudiyyah School Rigasa holds Speech and Price Giving Day



Fudiyyah School Zaria Holds Annual Graduation Ceremony


Imam Al-Hasan (Peace Be On Him)
Sunday Trust Interviews Sheikh Zakzaky
Guards meeting with Sheikh Zakzaky in Pictures II
Sheikh Addresses Children who Attain Puberty, Pictures II
Sheikh Zakzaky’s Address on Nisf Sha’aban

Sheikh Zakzaky's Address to Children who Attain Puberty Age in Pictures
Guards Meet with Sheikh Zakzaky in Pictures
Nisf Sha'aban Celebration in Pictures
Abul Fadl Birthday Annniversary in Pictures

Islamic Movement Marks Birthday of Imam of the Age (AJ)



Sayyid Zakzaky Speaks on Abul Fadl as a Role Model for Youths




Abul Fadl's Milad Commemorated in Zaria


Islamic Movement Marks Martyrs' Day in Zaria



Three members Attend Course in Iran



Sheikh Speaks on the Lofty status of Imam Ali (AS)




Martyrs Day:Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on martyrs and martyrdom
Pictures of Martrys Day in Zaria

Walimah with Shuhada Families at Sheikh's Residence

Conference of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly in Pictures.
Pictures of Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali(AS)
Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's Speech on the Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali(AS)
Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on Exemplary struggle of Imam Khomeini.
National Life Newspaper Apologises, but...

Islamic Movement Commemorates Imam ALi(AS)'s  Birthday Anniversary



Sheikh Zakzaky Attends Meeting of Ahul Bayt Assembly in Kenya



Highlight of activities of 2011 Imam Week in Zaria



Imam Khomeini Week enters 3rd day with Lecture by Sheikh Zakaky on Concept of Wilayatul Faqih



Pictures of Az-Zahra Birthday Anniversary in Zaria Part II
The Key to the Success of the Struggle of Imam Khomeini (QS)

Az-Zahra Birthday Anniversary in Pictures

 bid Sheikh Zakzaky farewell


22nd Imam Week Timetable 2011

Zahra Day commemorated, Zakzaky (H) calls for understanding among families.



Sheikh Zakzaky Announces Zahra Relief Foundation during her Birthday Anniversary in Zaria


A Sacrifice for the Love of Ahlul Bayt(AS).


Shuhada Foundation Seminar Ends Sunday




I M to Mark Birthday Commemoration of Sayyidah Fatimah(AS)



Lessons from Nahjul Balagha by Sheikh Zakzaky to be aired on Radio



Killing of Osama: The Zakzaky Interview that Never Was.

Sisters Organises Majlis in Kano on the Birthday of Sayyidah Zahra(AS)



Sisters Conference Ends in Zaria



Sheikh Zakzkay speaks on the Post Election Crises that affect some Northern States.


TRIBUTE: Sheikh Zakzaky Extols Virtues of late Alh. Hamid Danlami
Funeral Prayer of Alhaji Hamid in Pictures 

Prayer Session for the soul of Alhaji Hamid held on the 3rd day + PICs

Sheikh Turi leads the funeral prayer of late Mallam Muhammad Auwal Nguru



A Three-day Tadreeb for Sisters Ended last week



Yola Conference on Islamic Thought ends Sunday



3rd Day Prayer Session for the Soul of Alhaji Hamid held in Zaria Sunday



Thousands attend the Funeral of late Alhaji Hamid



The death has occurred  of Alhaji Hamid Danlami, Managing Director of Al-Mizan newspaper, in the morning hours of Thursday, 17th March 2011.


Upcoming Event: National Conference on Islamic Thought

Sheikh Spoke on Maulid Period , the Happening in the Middle East, and the Situation in Nigeria + PICS
Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's Speech on Maulid Day
Pictures of Maulid Procession
Pictures of Parades by Children to Mark Maulid Celebration

Scholars at Unity Week Programme in Pictures.


A 3-day Seminar Ends in Zaria Sunday



Fundraising for the victimsof Sokoto Crises on Sunday



Leader Pays condolence visit to the family of Late Mallam Abdullahi



Sheikh Spoke on Maulid Period , the Happening in the Middle East, and the Situation in Nigeria


The Resource Forum organises Annual Maulid Nabiy Lecture in kaduna



Significance of Maulid Nabiyy Celebration by Dr. Abul- fathi



Sheikh Sani Speaks  on the Importance of Islamic Unity



Imam Sadiq Spread the True Prophetic teachings.



Sheikh Kabir Speaks on Scholars and their Responsibilities


Unity week Timetable 2011

The World shall be in peace if it adopts the teachings of the Qur’an



The Necessity of Abiding by the Teachings of Qur'an- By Sheikh Adam Hafiz



Sheikh Nura Speaks on Role of Youths on the opening day of Unity Week + PICS.


Petition in Respect of Violent Attacks on Members of the Movement in Kaduna

Yaumu Arbaeen is fast becoming an established Global Event

Pictures of Arbaeen Commemoration in Zaria

Lessons from the Life of the Prophet discussed during Maulid in Kano



Members pay Courtesy visit To Sheikh Al-Maghili in Kano



Sheikh Zakzaky attends book launching in Kaduna



Resource Forum organises lecture on Life and Struggle of  Sheikh Bn Fodio in Abuja


Yaumu Arbaeen is fast becoming an established Global Event



Islamic Movement commemorates Arbaeen of Imam Husain(AS)



Arbaeen gathering in Kano.




"Is there anyone who will come to assist us?"
Pictures of Ashura majlis from Day 13 to Day 15  |  Ashura Mourning Procession in Zaria Part II
Pictures of Ashura Procession in Kano   |  Pictures of Ashura Procession in Zaria
Click here for Pictures of Ashura Procession in Kaduna

Ashura 1432 Vedio Clips

Fudiyyah Schools in Kano conduct 6th annual conference



Darul Quran holds a 3-day Seminar for Teachers



Sheikh Zakzaky pays  Condolence Visit to the Family of  Shehu Sani



Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria holds a one day seminar in Kano


Academic Forum, Katsina organises a 4-day Refresher Course for students



Short term Study with Representatives starts in Zaria, Saturday



Sheikh Calls for Prayers in the Month of Safar



Vacation Course for Children ends Sunday


The grandson of Utbah avenged Badr at Karbala on behalf of his forefathers



Day 16-Karbala Massacre was a Vengeance on the Prophet and his Progeny.



Ashura-Role Model for Change.


Ashura Mourning on Day Ten.



Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on the Pre-Islamic Arab Society



Sheikh speaks on Significance of Ashura



Professor Dahiru Yahaya lamented on Ashura in History: Past and Present



Umayyads tribalises religion;  Propagated hatred of Ali(AS)

Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on the genesis of Ashura event


Sayyid Zakzaky (H) speaks on the Series of Events that
Culminated to the Ashura


Sheikh explains love of Ahlul Bayt(AS) on day four


Ashura Mourning gathering on the third day


Fortieth day prayer for the soul of late Abubakr held in Zaria



Ashura Mourning is Sunnah; Its widely acceptance is sign of re-emergence of Imam(AJ).


Sheikh Speaks on the first day of Ashura Gathering.



Pictures of Funeral Prayer of Late Abubakr Almizan II
Ghadeer Khumm: Manifestation of the perfection of the Religion

The Significance of Ghadeer Celebration- summary of Sheikh Zakzaky's Speech
Ghadeer Commemoration in Pictures part II
Ghadeer Commemoration in Pictures

Fortieth Day prayer recitation for the Soul of Sheikh Abdussalam held in Zaria




40-day prayer for the Soul of Sheikh Bansi Holds in Ghana and Nigeria



Sheikh Zakzaky pays a condolence visit to the family of Dr. Sabo.


Members organise lecture on Martyrdom of  Shaheed Musa



 Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on Ghadeer significance


Islamic Movement marks the Occasion of Ghadeer


Sheikh Zakzaky Commemorate Prophet Ibraheem(AS)'s Obedience.



IM Production built a Studio


Imam Khamene'i's Hajj Message to Pilgrims
Communique issued at the end of Resource Forum seminar

Israel's war crimes and crimes against humanity go unreported by media, Norman Finkelstein


Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on Nigeria: What Next after Golden Celebration
Prof Yahaya Speaks  on Islam as Civil System

Persecution in Bahrain: Our Stance

Lauren Booth Explains her journey to Islam


Funeral Prayer of Abubakr Abdullahi in Pictures
Islamic Movement losses member

Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on Nigeria at 50



Prof Yahaya Speaks  on Islam Civil System



Islamic Movement Loses Member



Upright Character is a pre-requisite in the struggle.



Mal. Ibraheem Aqeel speaks of the role of elites and religious scholars



Conference organised by the Resource Forum Ends on Sunday



Fuidyyah Schools Headmasters meet in Zaria for a day seminar.



University Lecturers paid visit to Sheikh Zakzaky


Commissioning of Fudiyyah Primary School Funtua in Pictures

A 2-day Seminar by Shuhada Foundation Ends in Zaria Sunday.



Sheikh Zakzaky Commissions Fudiyyah Primary in Funtua


Islamic Movement Commemorate Imam Ridha(AS)'s Birthday in Kano



Sheiikh Zakzaky Attends Maiden in Honour of Prof. Dahiru



Misrepresentation of Sheikh Zakzaky by Zionist Jerusalem Post
Press Statement on the Ruling  Exonerating Muslim Brothers in Sokoto
What are the Zionists up to on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky? 
Activities of London Conference organised by IHRC in Pictures

Sheikh Zakzaky returns from London Friday



Academic Forum holds Nigeria at 50 Public Lecture



Sheikh Zakzaky Presents Lecture in London on the Spirit of Islamic Activism organised by IHRC


Sokoto Crises: Detained Members absolved by the Judge



Biography of Imam Jafar(AS)Imam jafar as Sadiq (AS) has three titles; they are: As-Sadiq, Al-Fadil, At-Tahir. His father Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) was much happy and pleased by the birth of his son. His mother Umm-e-Farwah was the grand daughter of Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, who was one of the companions of Imam Ali (AS).

Islamic System of Governance Shall Exist in Nigeria Being the Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's speech at Ilorin Conference.
Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on the Mission of Man on Earth
Pictures of 3-day Joint Conference in Ilorin

Officials Visit to the  family of Shaheed Abdurrahman



Kwankwaso Atrocities mark In Kano.

7th Day Prayer for Late Turi held in Kano

Nigerian Students Arrived in Iran for Further Study

Sheikh Zakzaky Briefs Students Before their departure to Iran

Sheikh Zakzaky condoles the family of Late Mahmud Turi

A 3-day Conference in Ilorin. S. Zakzaky Spoke on the Mission of Man on Earth. He also visited Scholars and Community leaders in Ilorin

The Father of Sheikh Turi Passed Away on Friday

Sheikh Turi visits Qadiriyyah Leader in Kano 

Qur'an is the Source of Knowledge.

Quds Day: Day of the Oppressed | Pictures of Quds Day In Zaria | Pic. Quds Day in Kano

His Eminence Sayyid Khameneí Message to Muslim Ummah on the Desecrating of the Holy Quran
Pictures of Qur'anic Graduation ceremony in Kano
Qur’an is the root of Modern Civilization

Sheikh Zazkaky Speaks on the Virtues of Imam Ali (AS) +PIC
Az-Zahra Birthday(SA) Anniversary in Pictures       |       Imam Week in Pictures

Twenty One Years Without Imam Khomeini(QS)
Press Release: The Shameful Act of Illegal State of Israel
Guest Column: Remembering Imam Khomeini(QS)

Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali(AS) in Kano.

"Those who are trying to sow discord between sunnis and shi'ites are neither sunnis nor shi'ites" Imam Khomeini(QS)

Honour and Life Rest with Struggle,  the first step in this Struggle is to have Determination” Khomeini (QS).

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Establishing Islamic System.
Nationalism. By Sheikh Zakzaky
Colonialism and Socio-Politcal Dislocations in Sub-Saharan Muslim Communities

Muslims In the UK

Grand Assembly
Infaq (Generosity).
The Seerah of Prophet(SAWA): A power perspective









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