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Seventh day prayer for the repose of the Soul of Hajiya Hari Jamo, the mother of Sheikh Zakzaky

Pictures of Funeral Prayer for Sheikh Zakzaky's mother

The passing away of Mother of Sheikh Zakzaky

Rally in Zaria against Plan to Kill Sheikh Zakzaky

The Islamic Movement rejoices with Followers of Alhlubayt (AS) on the occasion of eid Ghadeer

List of Quds Martyrs

Pictures of condolence 18 days after Quds Attacks

ZakzakyMore and more people in groups in individuals visited the leader of the Islamic Movement in NIgeria sympathising with the Sheikh over the killings of 33 people on Quds Day by Nigerian Soldiers among them the the three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Murder of Fellow Citizens by Nigerian Military vis-a vis the Desperation of World Arrogance

By Dauda Nalado
The international Quds Day procession is a global event, being observed by people of conscience and those with human minds within the Muslims and non-Muslim circles alike.

Nigerian Army Writes Fake Security Report To Justify Killings—Zakzaky

Sahara Reporters, August 10, 2014
More than 35 Shiites, including the sheik’s three sons, were killed by soldiers in a series of attacks the sect said were  unprovoked and unjustified.

Nigerian army’s massacre of Quds rally participants

Crescent-online, July 30, 2014
The zionists are slaughtering innocent Palestinians in Gaza while their agents around the world are busy killing those that protest such crimes.

CAN condemns Zaria killings, condoles Islamic cleric, El-Zakzaky

The story below was published in Vanguard Newspaper, July 28, 2014
The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has expressed sadness over the clashes in Zaria, Kaduna State, which claimed some lives, including the son of a renowned Islamic scholar, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

Zaria Killings: Network for Justice Flays Army

The story below was published in the Daily Trust Newspaper, August 7, 2014, written by Safiya Abdurahman
A human and consumer rights association, the Network for Justice, has condemned the recent killings by the military in Zaria where more than 30 civilians were shot dead.

Stakeholders task FG over El-Zakzaky sons’ killing

The story below was published in Punch Newspapers, August 9, 2014, written by Fisayo Falodi
Some stakeholders have asked the Federal Government to constitute a panel to investigate July 25, 2014 violence in Zaria, Kaduna State, in which 35 people,

Re- My sons’ blood, cry for vengeance –El-Zakzaky

By AbdulMumin Giwa
A day to the release of thirteen arrested members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by a Magistrate Court in Kaduna, after they were handed over to the Police Command by the 1 Div Military Police Corp and charged for breach of peace in Zaria,

El-Rufai, Dr Yusuf, Rev Buka among Visitors to Sheikh Zakzaky

elrufaiMore and more people keep paying condolece visit to Sheikh Zakzaky over the martrydom of his 3 sons along with over scores others killed by Nigerian Soldiers in Zaria while commemorating International Quds day on Friday the 25th of July 2014.

Farewell to Ayatullah Akhtari in Pictures

ayatollah Akhtari zakzakyPictures taken during a Prayer to a farewell to Ayatullah Muhammad Hasan Akhtari after he paid condolence visit to leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

Pictures of Shaheed Ahmad and Hameed at China's oldest Mosque

Ahmad Zakzaky at China mosquePictures of  Shaheed Ahmad Sheikh Zakzaky and Shaheed Hameed Zakzaky at the oldest Mosque in ChinaShaheed Ahmad, 24, and Shaheed Hamed, 22,  the children of Sheikh Zakzaky who were martyred by Soldiers on Quds Day in Zaria on Friday the 25th of July, 2014 (28th of Ramadan 1435).

The World Forum of Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Condoles Sheikh Zakzaky

TaribThe World Forum of Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought sent its condolence message to Sheikh Zakzaky. The letter was signed by its Secretary General General Ayatullah Muhsin Araki.

Sheikh Zakzaky's Eid Message 1435

By Dr. Shehu S. Abdussalam
Muslims in this country, and the whole world in general, are witnessing a kind of 'fitina' and trial never seen before in history.

Members of Katsins state House of Assembly Condoles S. Zakzaky

katsina state houseMembers of House of Assembly, Katsina state paid a condolence visit to Sheikh Zakzaky in his resident in Zaria on Thursday the7th of August 2014. Led by Dr. Lawal Musawa, the members extended their condolence to the Sheikh over the killing of 33 people among them his 3 sons

Ayatullah Akhtari paid condolence visit to Sheikh Zakzaky

ayatollah AkhtariThe Head of Ahlulbayt World Assembly Ayatullah Muhammad Akhtari, paid condolence visit to the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzakzy in his residence in Gyallesu ,Zaria on Thursday the 7th of Aug. 2014.

Pictures of Condolence visit of Ayatullah Akhtari to S. Zakzaky

ayatollah AkhtariAyatullah Muhammad Akhtari who is the leader of World Assembly of Ahlulbyt(AS) paid  a condolence visit to Leader of Islamic MOvement in Nigeria in his residence in Gyallesu, Zaria on Thursday the 7th of Aug., 2014. He was excorted by the Iranian Envoy to Nigeria Dr Saeed Koozech, Dr Tabaratian among others. 

view the Pictures

national dailyAfter the official rubbish from Nigerian security which was written by one faceless Shehu Daud in the National Daily newspaper, another mushroom junk weekly paper Polity Weekly of 7th August, 2014 has re-echoed exactly the same article. 


The National Daily of Sunday, 03 August 2014 carried an article titled “My sons blood cry for vengeance — El-Zakzaky written by one Shehu Daud. We believe the write up is not only a sponsored campaign of calumny but also done with ill intent.

Re- My sons’ blood cry for vengeance- Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman
While the people in Zaria are still mourning their dead and nursing their injured from the recent shootings perpetrated by the Nigerian military at the end of the annual Quds Day peaceful procession, the assailants, having failed in their heinous act, and the with growing evidences unmasking their faces, decided to execute further violence to save their faces.

Re:My Sons Blood Cry For Vengence : - The Alpha-Swagger and Its Monkey Brain - Mahfuz Mundadu

national daily

By Mahfuz Mundadu
The bloodthirstiness of the Draculas is gradually assuming some dodgy facet. The goons are on the verge of being some bunch of consummate cooped cinch. Armchair journalism is assuming a new wave of obtuse witticism.

Zaria Quds Day Massacre: The Nigerian Army Version

In a bid to cover up the crime committed by the Nigerian Soldiers on peaceful Quds Day Procession in Zaria in which the soldiers, under Lt Col. S.O. Okuh, killed over 33 people, the Depot HQ of Nigerian Army sent a memo to the Nigerian Army HQ DIV1, on the Quds day crime, with a copy sent to the office of Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The Mgmt of National Blood Transfussion Service (NBTS) Condoles Sheikh Zakzaky


The Management of National Blood Transfussion Service(NBTS), Kaduna sent a condolence letter to the leader of the islamic Movement in Nigeria over the killing of his children and tenths of people while many were injured by Nigerian Soldiers.

Condolence from Madras Jafriya, Pakistan

The Madaris Jafriya School Pakistan sent condolece message to the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The Letter, signed by Yasir Ali, was sent  on 2nd of August, 2014. 

Ayatullah Haidari, Jawad Condole S. Zakzaky

haydariThe Leader of the Islamic Movement was condoled by Ayatullah Kamal Haidari one of the great Scholars in Seminary Qum. He sent his condolence message over the martyrdom of Sheikh's children

Yayale, Prof Yahaya, Rev Hayab among Visitors

prof yahaya zakzakyMore people keep trooping to the resident of Sheikh Zakzaky to condole him over the killingof his children and tenths of others by Nigeria Soldiers.

Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani Expresses Condolences to Sheikh Zakzaky via Phone Call

Wahid KhorasaniBy Masood Meshki
According to ABNA, in the wake of bloody events of International Quds Day in Zaria, Nigeria, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 33 participants, including three sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky

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Quds Day Massacre



Lecture by Sayyid Mahdi Naji on Imam Ridha(AS)

 Quds Day Killing by Nigerian Soldiers making headlines arround the world

Placards displayed at Nigerian High Commission London on 28 July against Quds Day killings by Military.